LinkedIn Marketing for Medium-Large Recruitment Agencies

If you’re managing marketing for a recruitment agency that has multiple branch locations, either in the same country or across multiple regions, you could be missing a trick when it comes to the results gained from your LinkedIn Company Page.

Most medium-large recruitment agencies own a myriad of LinkedIn Company Pages, some started by the marketing teams, others created by overzealous recruiters who are keen to stake ownership of their local market. This leads to many issues of message control and consistency, with some markets receiving fantastic service and others getting very little or even worse, potentially brand damaging messaging.

The solution: targeted posts from a primary LinkedIn Company Page. Up until recently we’ve always recommended separate pages, but now there is the option to target posts by audience demographics from the main page (in the same way you can do this from the paid platform).

As an example, let’s say you’ve written a Health & Safety piece for a New South Wales audience. Rather than showing this to everyone who follows your Company Page and potentially disengaging those who aren’t relevant, you can target it exclusively to Followers in New South Wales. In the same way, you could send content for Senior audiences only to people who fit that criteria.

Aside from avoiding disengagement, this method also means that you can capitalise on the brand’s regional following to gain economies of scale and expedite your brand’s reach and growth.

The challenge: trying to reel in all the individual company pages and have your recruiters all update their profile with the master brand. This isn’t easy, but good instructions, and more importantly clearly articulating how it benefits them, will put you on the right track. We find speaking to your Account Manager at LinkedIn can also help you jump through some hoops to get pages quickly closed or merged.

Lastly: we’re always being asked about content volume and type. It’s simple, do as much as is feasible for your team, without creating a negative experience. If you start noticing your audience engagement or reach is slipping, it could be a sign you’re either posting too much or your content is wrong. As a guide, you can’t really go wrong with a single piece of content each business day. Less and you’re missing an opportunity to promote your brand and grow your Followers, more and you could end up in brand spam territory.

This post originally featured on the Prominence blog.

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