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One NEW and Simple Step to Increase Employee Engagement on LinkedIn

If you, like most recruitment leaders and marketers, struggle to get your team to engage with the content posted to the LinkedIn Company Page, there is now a tool to help! The new LinkedIn Employee Notifications feature allows you to easily let your recruiters know when you’ve posted an update on the Page.

Why is the LinkedIn Employee…


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Recruitment Agency Marketing Budget as a Percentage of Gross Profit – Are Times Changing Again?

Over the last three months we’ve been touring Australia and New Zealand with Recruitment Yarns – it was great to see the number of senior recruitment leaders who are very passionate about their recruitment agency’s brand. One of the most frequent questions we were asked during the tour was around recruitment marketing budgets, specifically ‘what should be spent on marketing delivery and paid advertising?’

For most recruitment agencies, the largest marketing expenditure is…


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LinkedIn Marketing for Medium-Large Recruitment Agencies

If you’re managing marketing for a recruitment agency that has multiple branch locations, either in the same country or across multiple regions, you could be missing a trick when it comes to the results gained from your LinkedIn Company Page.

Most medium-large recruitment agencies own a myriad of LinkedIn Company Pages, some started by the marketing teams, others created by overzealous recruiters who are keen to stake ownership of their local market. This leads to many issues of…


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Facebook Takes Aim (and Fires) at The Recruitment Sector

Facebook has announced its new jobs feature. To confirm, this isn’t Facebook for Work/Workplace by Facebook –  it’s Facebook formally entering the jobs market.

Facebook is constantly evolving, and while Facebook builds new features and gives people new ways of using the platform, they can’t change the way people choose to use those features. For instance,…


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How to Recruit Top Talent With Pokemon Go

If you haven’t heard of it by now, where have you been? Pokémon Go is the latest viral sensation storming people’s smartphones, turning the world into an augmented reality Pokémon catching ground for everyone with a mobile internet connection.

After already overtaking Tinder,…


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The Future of Job Ads is NOT Video

At a recent conference there was a lot of talk about several new online services designed to assist with creating videos specifically for jobs. Off the back of this, one of our regular clients even grabbed me and suggested we film every hot job moving forward (this from a company with over 600 live jobs!).

The premise holds appeal, with video now the most popular…


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The Single Biggest Issue Facing LinkedIn in 2016

This week all my various news feeds have been full of comments about two recent events: Connectifier being acquired by LinkedIn and LinkedIn’s share price tanking.

Dealing with Connectifier first; I’ve tried using it several times, it’s not a bad piece of kit. It’s comparable in a lot of ways to 360 Social, TalentBin, Discoverly, Prophet and the like, but with a comparatively…


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2016’s Must-Attend Recruitment and HR Conferences

Attending conferences is one of the best ways to learn and advance your skills. The trouble is that with so many now being run, it’s near impossible to select which one will offer the most suitable content for your specific needs.

The days of conferences being exclusively dedicated to formal lecture based content seems to be behind us, thankfully, with almost all…


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2016 Social Media Image Dimensions to Elevate Your Recruitment Brand

It’s no secret that having a strong visual strategy for your social media accounts is important when sourcing, connecting and engaging with candidates. In 2015 we posted a blog outlining the dimensions for the key visual elements on your social pages, which proved to be one of our most popular blogs of the year.

Since then, there have been quite a few changes to image…


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Bill is a Recruiter. Be Like Bill.

If you've been using social media the last couple of weeks, you'll undoubtedly have noticed the "Be like Bill" memes that have been all over Facebook and other platforms.

We thought we'd hop onto this trend and put a recruitment spin on it with a couple of Bill images of our own! Check them out below and feel free to share your own ones.



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How to Make an Effective Recruitment Video - Part 1 - Four Early Planning Steps

Video is quickly becoming the main medium for content consumption. On Facebook alone the average user views 16 videos…


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LinkedIn goes Head to Head with indeed

The boxing/professional fighting world seems to have been in thenews almost on a daily basis recently, but are we about to see a heavyweight match-up in the recruitment world?

Job Aggregation

Right back in the May 2014 (ok, it was only 1.5 years ago) LinkedIn …


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Has Facebook Accidentally Revolutionised Recruitment with its Latest Change?

This week, Facebook announced a change to the way their messaging systems work, which has the potential to significantly impact recruiting on Facebook.

In short, the change means that you are virtually guaranteed to…


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Job Boards Are Alive & Kicking

As a recruiter the first port of call when looking to find or attract talent is often job boards and I believe that in most situations this should still be the case. This is supported by a recent survey publicised by…


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The Best LinkedIn Account for Recruiters

As part of my job I’m often asked by both in-house and agency recruitment managers for my advice around their level of LinkedIn investment. 

This is because the only readily available advice is from LinkedIn Sales Representatives or recruiters who have had prior exposure to Premium or Recruiter Products.

This article is intended to make the decision making…


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The Problem with Recruitment and Social Media

Defining Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting (Digital Recruiting, ERecruiting, Online Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing, Purple Squirrel Hunting et al.) is at a cross-roads. It has been around long enough that it should now feature as a standard part of most recruiter’s toolkits, but in a lot of cases, even the most basic of tools aren’t being utilised.

Before looking at the problem I’ve attempted to break down what I’m referring to as social…


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What is the Commercial Use Limited on LinkedIn Search? Part 2

Since we published last week’s blog post (What is the Commercial Use Limit on LinkedIn?) I’ve received lots of…


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What is the Commercial Use Limit on LinkedIn Search?

It is early January so you may not yet have noticed any change to LinkedIn, but in the background there have been several key changes implemented for 2015. Two of these changes are very significant for recruiters and have the potential to force those that are currently getting by with the LinkedIn Basic account to upgrade to Premium.

The primary reason recruiters tell me that they don’t upgrade their LinkedIn account is that they get most of the functionality they need from…


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A Summary of 2014 and 8 Recruiting Predictions for 2015

I was in the process of preparing our regular weekly newsletter to send out to our blog readers when I hit a bit of a road bump, with Christmas very nearly here most of my normal sources were republishing old content or writing Christmas themed motivators. Rather than send out a collection of generic links that would add no value…


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The Top 5 Guerilla Job Marketing Campaigns

Job marketing is slowly gaining traction with recruiters, who are realising that it is possible to reach candidate audiences without them having to first visit a job board.

There are many great examples of job marketing from around the world, here are my top 5:


Uber have really stirred up their industry and they are also doing the same with recruitment. If you ignore the accusations of cancelling rides and look at the undercover recruiter concept…


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