Lisa Jones, Recruiting Technology and Social Media Consultant

There's a ridiculous rumor about me. I know who started it -- @ResumeStrategy (see here) -- but Amy Ala picked it up and hammered away at it during this week's After Show. Supposedly, I go too easy on the women guests. Really? I didn't think I went easy on this week's guest -- though I admit that I did make mistakes.

Lisa Jones is a recruiting technology and social media consultant in England. She wrote an article with a catchy title insisting that recruiters know exactly what LinkedIn and social media are worth to them in dollars and cents. The title hooked me so I asked her to come on the show. Of course, I'm so popular that she'd never heard of me before but she listened to a few shows and wrote a nice article about us so I was excited to have her on.

The general verdict, however, was that I screwed up. (What else is new?). The biggest problem: I talked too much about LinkedIn. And it's true. Without realizing it I had mostly researched Lisa's writing about LinkedIn so I begged her during the show to help me out and suggest some topics. "It's not my job, man," was the reply.

Well, you know I disagree. The guest knows what she knows better than I do so why can't she suggest some turns in the conversation?  Do I have to do everything? Am I your mommy? No!

I also screwed up with the sound. I insisted that Lisa use a land-line from England but I found her volume low and the quality of the sound irregular and I'm sensitive, you know, so that upsets my ability to feel engaged. The sound in this Google Hangout she did with Shane McCusker is great -- and she said that was done with skype and a headset. So, yeah, I was wrong.

What else can I say? I fought with the guest over how fast she was speaking; I like people to talk a certain way. But on the plus side, I learned something.

Before I started researching this show, I didn't know anything about Linkedin's new Contact feature or its Sponsored Postings. I didn't know how to stalk someone on Linkedin -- not that I would; I didn't realize the importance of Linkedin Company pages and I didn't know that English recruiters are too cheap to pay for a basic Linkedin account; and it became clear that you don't need an expensive Linkedin account unless you are part of a corporate recruiting team.

I also learned that although Lisa said it's important to watch what you say online it's okay to say you're going to get drunk before you do an interview and confess that you got married because your husband is good-looking and Italian -- no, let me correct that: "a smokin-hot Italian".

So, after being animadverted by the crew, to make up for my errors, I asked Lisa to come back and talk about her virtues which, being such a poor host, I did not bother to expose.

Here's what Lisa had to say after The Recruiting Animal Show. Yes it made me blush.

Here's her blog which I think is very good. And here she is with Shane -- I think this is great.





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Comment by Amy Ala Miller on July 12, 2013 at 4:43pm

I know you think it's a dead subject but I'm dying to hear about appropriate online behavior from someone who thinks "cherry popping" is an appropriate analogy LOL. I'm not judging, just maybe a little head shaking.

Comment by Kelly Blokdijk on July 12, 2013 at 9:48pm

I thought the show was relatively interesting and Lisa was a charming guest. Though I admit the LinkedIn stuff was a drag on the momentum and made my mind wander: pay for it, use it for free, LinkedIn is grand, blah blah blah. Recruiters can find people on LinkedIn, blah blah blah. What next, we get to find out McDonald's has burgers and fries? Wonder how Jerry's sugar snap peas are doing? 

I'm with you, Amy. I'd love to "learn" what is deemed appropriate online. Not that I care enough to implement any changes (pretty sure there's no hope for me). Just find it amusing to hear that sort of information - especially if there's a particular angle that hasn't already been done to death. Like how to incorporate "cherry popping" in a professional way, perhaps??? 

Comment by Amy Ala Miller on July 12, 2013 at 10:59pm
Don't know about you KB, but pretty sure it's been at least 20 years aka high school since I've used the words "cherry" and any form of "pop" together. And yes would still like to be told how to regulate my online brand, mostly so I can point and laugh some more. No hope for me either, much to my family's dismay. They are far more disappointed with me online than anyone else.
Comment by Kelly Blokdijk on July 12, 2013 at 11:49pm

Might have been jr. high! Sounds gross, either way. 

There's a lot to be pointing and laughing at, that's for sure! Anything mentioning brand in that context is like nails on a chalkboard at this point. 

I'm sure if certain relatives saw or read any of my ramblings they would disown me or at least scold me. The main thing I hear from people (not just family) is: you tweet too much, I always see your LI posts, I can't believe you posted that on FB. My thoughts: if you don't like it, don't look. 

Comment by Derdiver on July 13, 2013 at 2:47pm

Just my two cents but I like Cherry soda pop...just saying.


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