Lookology is the advanced art of utilizing non verbal communication in interviewing, sales meetings, and more.

Non Verbal Communication is defined as communication that does not involve speaking. Lookology takes it to the next level, and takes into account all types of non verbal communication and the information that can be learned from it.

Lookology takes into account; hand gestures, posture, eye contact and motion, subtle changes in facial expressions or skin tone, head angle when talking and listening, and numerous other non verbal cues, that the body will give that can tell you allot.

It is allot like a tell in poker. Most tells are non verbal. In interviewing you can use the same principles to learn when someone is telling the truth or not. When they are really listening, when they really care and so much more.

One thing to take into account with regards to Lookology, is culture. In some cultures certain non verbal communication tells are considered the norm as opposed to a true tell.

In the end though Lookology can be a great toll when interviewing. Couple it with Lisology and you have a complete tool box of interviewing skills, I call Looklisology (Look (Lookology) and Listen (Lisology) that will greatly increase your success as an interviewer.

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