Most of the times we focused on the negative side of things. If we hear something "bad' happenned to someone (an individual we don't even know most of the time) somewhere in the world, we make sure we pass the information to more people. And now a days, with all the Social Media around us, these "sad stories" travel around fast and they spread like a disease.
I understand that we have good intentions sharing these types of communications as a warning to prevent our listeners or readers from those types of events, but we need to learn to share the "good stuff" too.
And that is the reasoning behind my blog today.

"Good news in Canada: Lost -N- Found"

In one of my daily visits to Downtown Toronto I lost my "favorite" glove on my way back home. It was too late when I figured it out, I was already on the train. But, being positive as I am most of the time, I thought and hoped that I would find it. The next day on my way to work I made sure I took the exact same route I did the day before when leaving the office.
And guess what? I found it. On the top of a fence. Somebody found it before me, picked IT up and put it high on a near fence, at an eye level view. Isn't this fantastic??? There's still polite human beings, someone who had the nice gesture to pick it up from the ground (it would it covered by snow by the next morning and I probably would not be able to see it) and made sure they put it where I could see it.
Thanks, I wanted to thank that individual and any decent person out there, for doing something so simple and at the same time made my day.
Let's keep it rolling..... do something today, something simple, something that would bring a smile to a stranger's face; hold the door for someone else, say "good day" to a random person, help an elderly and then SPREAD THE WORD if anyone does or has a nice gesture with you.
Let's surround us by goodness and warm thoughs that will make everybody happy around us and why not, that will make us have a better life.




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Comment by Tim Spagnola on February 1, 2012 at 11:31am

Pay it forward - concept to some sounds silly, but one that I have always embraced. It is the story as simple of a lost glove that really makes you realize that you are not alone in wanting to do good. I appreciate you sharing Lorena. This made my morning.

Comment by Lorena Perry on February 2, 2012 at 10:25am

Thanks Tim!


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