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Over the last few weeks, I have gone out to many company sites and check out the style, process, and length of time to apply to an open position. I was amazed at some of the things I saw. About 50% of the companies had easy, quick ways to apply, took less than 5 minutes. Another 20-30% took 10 minutes or less. However up to 30 % took over 10 minutes with some as much as 25 minutes.  

What started me down this was when a recruiter friend of mine had told me how he does not get many applies when he posts his positions on the company site. I knew from experience he wrote great job descriptions so I knew it was not that. So the question was what was it. So I went on the site and started the applies process, 20 minutes later I was done and for me it became obvious. 

 I then decided to do a little survey, I spoke to about 40 people who were currently looking for work. I asked if they would take the time to apply to a job if it took 15+ minutes. 98% said no. that was huge. I asked why and it was obvious, it took too long, made them wonder if it took this long to simply apply, how long would it take to hear anything if at all, how long would the process be, and if to apply was so long, so cumbersome, what was it like to work there, how serious about finding people are they. 

Well there you have it, for those companies who have never bothered to check how long the apply process is, you may be losing some great candidates and not even know it. You may be getting a bad rap, all because you applies process is way too long, As I have said many times, simple is best. Make it simple, allow them to upload a resume, and have the system take the info from the resume, and fill out any forms needed. Then all the candidate needs to do is verify the info, and apply. Simple, quick, and it works.

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Comment by Ryan Leary on May 8, 2013 at 7:06am

Dean - I agree with you fully on this topic. There is a simple little line I use with our clients. "2 clicks makes them stick" 

  1. The Apply button  for any job should be 2 clicks away anywhere on the career site
  2. The apply process should never begin without capturing at least a few basic data points. Name, Email, Contact Number, give them small standard selection on job family and are they actively looking for a new position

If the user completes the initial information you can automate a significant portion of the application process even if they fail to complete the entire application process. This is still OFCCP compliant because this step is prior to the application. 

Those clients that we work with that can show significant decrease in slate times and drop off rates have a 60 second or less app process. The application should not be used as a screening tool, that's the job of the recruiter.

The application is simply to gather the basic contact details and upload a resume.


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