Mobile Matters to Recruitment – Not just Social!

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Are you interested in reaching jobseekers online? Typically the answer to this question is – YES PLEASE

Today, in house recruiters, recruitment consultants and job boards all are working hard to attract talent from the Internet. Many have embraced social networks and successfully attract talent from Twitter and Facebook. There are hundreds of articles supporting the recruiter to make the most out of Social Recruiting and reduce their talent acquisition costs. This year there has even been a few conferences and workshops dedicated to Social Recruiting, providing wonder case studies of real work action.

If we look back 2 – 3 years the Social Recruiting journey started off with few case studies, instead a handful of visionaries lead the way with expert advice to educate the industry of the growing potential. There were no great case studies – because the topic was so young.

Mobile Recruiting today is exactly where Social Recruiting was 2-3 years ago, but there is a big difference. Mobile Internet adoption is growing rapidly, it is changing the Internet users behaviours. In 3 years time it will be almost as big as desktop Internet! The impact is larger than social, whilst also linked intrinsically with social networks who are embracing the Mobile.

Companies who wait 2-3 years to attract talent from Mobile will be far behind those that act in the next 3 to 12 months. The leaders will already be in place and the gap will be large. All talent acquisition strategies need to have Mobile Recruiting as a major topic.

This is YOUR WAKE UP CALL! The opportunity to be on board with Mobile Recruiting early on is now. The entry and running costs are low. The technical expertise is not required in house. There is no excuse to miss out! Mobile Recruiting provides powerful 1:1 marketing opportunities and will support employer branding.

As Europe’s largest Mobile Recruiting evangelist I have spoken with many different organizations around this topic over the last year. I have heard many objections to why an organization is not engaging with talent on the Mobile. Most are excuses. Many are due to a lack of knowledge to make an educated decision about how important Mobile is. The objective of is to put out as much content and share knowledge as possible to remove this obstacle to industry wide progress.

I am currently writing a Mobile Recruiting Guide – although it needs a snappier title, to further support the industry. If you have views or questions you would like including in the Guide please comment below or contact me on Twitter @Topbananas

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Comment by Tom Laine on July 20, 2010 at 9:47am
Interesting view... I've been dealing with some high-end IT (incl.telecoms) & BI skillsets what comes to recruitment and project staffing (contractors), and totally agree with you that the time for mobile recruitment is now (if you want to be in the forefront, that is). I've been active in a number of social media platforms and tools, and have taken advantage of some niche networks, UGs, SIGs, chat forums, developer sites, etc. for quite some time. That has lead me to be breaking barriers what comes to posting job ads to places no one has done it before, and using mobile tools has been more or less a habbit ever since people started using text messages (SMS). If you can't reach the right person NOW, it'll be too late. If the person is not picking up the phone, he's not propably reading emails right now either, but even in meetings people tend to read text messages when they can't talk. Or reading Tweets with their mobile in a boooooring conference...

So then came microblogging... I personally just hate it, but having a good number of followers at Twitter or a-kind, a short message (Job title, location & salary?) reaches fast plenty of people who may be (or may know someone) the right person for the job. People have started reading Twitter messages whenever in a bus, backseat of a taxi, airports, etc. when they normally are not enthusiast about reading emails or not logged in at Facebook or LinkedIn. So how come in fast pace industry and even faster paced economy no one seem to bother to reach out to all the FREE channels at hand? References and contacts are money, but you'll loose them if you don't use them. Sound familiar?

Give me a shout, let me know how You feel about this, it's an important matter people!

Tom Laine
BI-IT Solutions Ltd Oy


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