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Mobile Matters to Recruitment – Not just Social!

Republished with permission from MoRecNews.com

Are you interested in reaching jobseekers online? Typically the answer to this question is – YES PLEASE

Today, in house recruiters, recruitment consultants and job boards all are working hard to attract talent from the Internet. Many have embraced social networks and successfully attract talent from Twitter and Facebook. There are hundreds of articles supporting the recruiter to make the…


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9 in 10 want to use their smartphone to get a new job

This post is published with permission from MoRecNews.com the Mobile Recruiting News site.

We know that the Mobile Internet is growing rapidly. By now everyone should have seen the graphs and predictions highlighting Mobile Internet being equal in usage with

Desktops by 2014 – just 4 years away!

But do candidates want to look for jobs on their Mobile?

Our experience supporting companies…


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20% Increase in iPhone Recruiting App Downloads

Mobile Recruiting Grows As you may know my company, Allthetopbananas.com, supply mobile recruiting solutions. In the UK we supply iPhone applications to around 30 Job Boards. Part of the service includes monitoring of application usage and application download from AppStore. Download… Continue

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Mobile Recruiting Views from Electronic Arts

Mobile Recruiting is growing and developing rapidly. We are at the edge, about to be blown away with highly engaging Mobile based employer brand interactivity.

But, before we get too excited about mobile apps for the plc, what are people doing today?

Listen to Electronic Arts’ views…

The overview from Matt at EA is:-

  • Make mobile easy
  • People are already consuming newsletters etc on the move
  • Treat new…

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Next mobile job alerts...

Mobile Recruiting
Did you see our candidate mobile research last week? We released it during the #tbMobRec event.

If you missed it we put it on Slideshare for you to enjoy.

So what does the research mean?

It illustrated that many job seekers with a smart… Continue

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Mobile Recruiting [[moh-beel] [ri-kroot-ing]]

–verb (used with object)

to engage in finding and attracting employees, new members, etc through the medium of Mobile devices connected to the Internet.

Mobile Recruiting Defined

A dictionary style definition of the phrase Mobile Recruiting is not very enlightening. To first understand the phrase lets focus on the word Mobile. What does Mobile refer to in this context?

It is a… Continue

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TalkBack Mobile Recruiting – Are you Talking?

Mobiles What is TalkBack Mobile Recruiting #tbMobRec?

I want to hear what job boards, recruitment agencies and anyone in recruitment is thinking about or dreaming about when it comes to Mobile.

Internet has revolutionised the recruitment industry but the Internet is changing shape fast. In under 4 years more people will use the web on a mobile device than on a… Continue

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#SMIR was it any good?


April 22nd 2010 was the second year for the Social Media In Recruitment Conference. If you follow me on Twitter, I provided a real time update on what the event covered along with others on the #SMIR tag. During lunch we

grabbed @SiteAdvisor and went round asking the audience what they


The video I blogged over at…


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Power, Power, Power – not good!

Does your website expose a job search? Great, todays post is to challenge YOU!

What happens if you put a powerful large engine in a smart car?

Typically a bigger engine means faster car. The top of the range super cars have huge engines so surely we can copy this? We can shove one enormous engine into a little smart car to achieve the most

wonderful driving experience? Well NO, we all realise that this wont

work! Something is going to break,…


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10m UK Mobile Internet Users

Over the last few weeks I have spoken to many people about mobile recruiting strategy. I believe we still have a number of marketing managers who don't believe that Mobile Internet is popular or

mainstream. I have one thing to say to anyone with that view - WAKE UP!

Not only has Mobile Internet arrived, it is growing - rapidly. Today there is an estimated 10m UK Mobile…


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Mobile Recruiting Part 2 of 2

Here is part two video of Mobile Recruiting. Please comment and give us your input / feedback.

While looking for some stats for a company we help in the games industry I was surprised to see the market share iPhone / iTouch has taken from the portable games console market. The PSP lost 9% share

and Nintendo DS lost 5% share putting iPhone at 19% market share, based

on portable game revenue. Considering most games are…


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Mobile Recruiting Video Part 1 of 2

Today I enjoyed being on @BillBoorman radio show as a guest speaker. (thanks Bill) Chatting on the show with @FelixWetzel,… Continue

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Mobile stats and vision

I have been overwhelmed with the number of queries my last blog post has generated about mobile data.

So in response I have put together some slides to help share the data from the various questions.

Did you know 2 in 3 mobile web page visits are from 1 in 5 phones?

Did you know 87% of new Internet subscriptions are mobile broadband / mobile web on mobile?

Why is AppStore a marketing channel?

How might Blackberry stop the iPhone…

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Do we care about Mobile app downloads?

In Decemeber I posted a blog - Is your company missing the mobile… Continue

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The is no business like snow business

What a week! Britain has been faced with the worst snow for 18 years, and its impact on the working world has been immense!

The economy has reportedly suffered losses of £3 billion thanks to the blizzards, as office numbers become depleted with masses of workers taking ‘snow days’.

While the rest of the country has been building snowmen, here at Allthetopbananas.com we have finished building our new site and the redesign goes… Continue

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Is the web any good for job browsing?

Well we are allbenefiting from the recent VAT reduction and the rest of Darlings wonderfulmeasures to repair our damaged economy – do you feel better off? Looking at thecurrent job market businesses clearly are not yet feeling confident aboutreaching the end of the downturn.

But how does the currenteconomic climate affect the job seeker?

Firstly it is verytough out their for many industries and roles. Does this affect online jobseeking?

Hell yes, it changesthe… Continue

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Is your website ego driven ART ?

Why do clever, successful, business decision makers frequently make a total hash of things when it comes to their website! Time and time again directors and owners influence their website investment negatively resulting in art not a usable product!

Too often the decision maker of a new website ends up getting highly focused on the look and feel - the design turns into art. The personal likes and dislikes of the decision maker becomes the most important detail.

To the… Continue

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Why do you lock Google out of your jobs?

The next episode in my series of blog posts about running recruitment sites that really work is now live on my main blog.

This time we discus why so many of you won't let Google read your job adverts? Clearly this is not going to help you get more traffic - quite the opposite.

You need as many pages in Google as you can get, all with great content that your job seeker might actually be searching on.…


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Sick of below standard recruitment websites

Enough is enough! I am totally sick of visiting recruitment agency websites to be faced with disastrous job-seeking experience. This must improve!

Making the web work can increase candidate levels, reduce advertising costs and deliver a better service to the online job seeking community.

Using our expert insight to recruitment sites of all shapes and sizes across the UK and metrics showing user interaction / application levels we have developed a details site review… Continue

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