So another list has been issued by the good folks over at HR Examiner. This time around, it's an update - the first of its kind - to one of their previous lists. The review takes a shot at picking out, with the "least amount of human intervention possible," who the most influential online recruiters are today.

Was I flattered to be in the #2 spot? Absolutely!
Did the remix get me thinking more about the idea around this project? Yup.

It's no secret of course, that this type of a list can sometimes cause quite a stir. There are those that think they're popularity contests and others that think they're simply a list that is randomly spun. I'll be the first to tell you that I find them interesting and I find the methodology promising. In a time where tools like Klout are getting some buzz in certain circles, the last few lists created with Trakker technology are worth taking a look at. In fact, I'd argue that if there weren't an ounce of validity in how the lists were created, they're still a list made primarily of solid people worth noting online.

Of course - that's the key, right? These are the people that are most vocal 'online' about the work that they're doing. So while you check out the listing that follows, I'd be interested to know your thoughts around how to recognize and draw more attention to those that work a bit more quietly behind the scenes. Because I can most certainly guarantee that for every impressive person that makes an interesting list like this, that there are 5 more that are quietly doing things just as interesting within our space. I can say this because I get to meet them all the time at conferences and in the comment boxes.

Check the rest and some of the buzz in the comments box here...

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