officeromanceIt's true. She's driven me crazy for years and keeps me up at night. I've stayed out late with her and have woken up beside her in more hotels than I can count. I've even had talks with leadership and peers alike where I adamantly denied that she was as important to me as I realize now that she is. I've been in denial for months about how much she's on my mind when I'm away from the office.

So after a lengthy conversation with my wife and my friends and a few that I trust... I've decided to just finally come clean and admit it. Publicly. And part of being completely honest about this love affair includes talking a little bit about how it got so embedded into my lifestyle... how it became such a part of my life that while I wasn't losing focus on my family per say, I was moving personal things around to keep my mistress happy. And most of all... why I won't be breaking it off.

First, some history...
I fell into the Recruiting industry through necessity. Right out of the Army I found a retail job where I was quickly moved into management and expected to be responsible for staffing my own store. Over the next few years one store turned into several stores - each staffed with sales teams that were blowing previous year's sales out of the sky. When leadership approached me and asked how it was done I was a bit naive (or full of pre-mature and snarky wisdom) in my response: "I enjoy finding people that love this stuff."
So I started training people to find potential employees while at the same time teaching basic sales principles and techniques. And anyone that's done either knows that Recruiting and Sales go hand-in-hand more often than they don't. Fast forward through the discovery of internet newsgroups, email lists and several years - and I was suddenly a certified PHR working consulting gigs with a focus on sourcing, recruiting and (gasp!) process improvement. Every bit of which had a unique signature of "internet" and "collaborative tech" as my signature.

I exited consulting in 2000 for a change - I went corporate... and in a big way by jumping on board with a FORTUNE 9 company. In starting as a Recruiter responsible for just a single city I worked with peers and leadership (while not always as patiently as I should have) to help evolve recruiting strategies to incorporate more technology and collaboration. And with the support of amazing teams and colleagues my responsibilities evolved from a single city to a state. To a Region. To multiple Regions. To the US. And ultimately where I am today - Leading interactive strategies and initiatives for Talent Attraction with my current employer - and the most amazing teams I've had the pleasure to ever meet.

My mistress? Change.
And I'm passionate about her - but not for the simple sake of her existence. What I mean to say is that I'm in love her because I stay up late at night listening to how she thinks she can help Recruiters be more effective; how she speculates that job seekers might find postings more quickly; how she thinks hiring managers could better track ROI. And while all of her thoughts don't always seem logical or likely at first... she's patient with me. Often more than I am with her, to be honest.

When I...
...attend a conference I'm not looking for vendors tell me how great their product is - I'm looking for them to tell me why it's different. with peers or meet at events I'm not looking to boast about great accomplishments - I'm hoping to share work that's been done that will spark new ideas or conversation.
...push an idea to my team I'm not telling them this is the solution - I'm showing them this is "a" solution, and hoping they'll improve on it.

She goes with me everywhere. And yes, I do wake up some mornings holding my iPhone because I fell asleep taking notes or reading the blogs of friends and articles within my industry. And while my family and friends know that she's my love affair - they're okay with it.

Do you have a love affair? Are you passionate? What's driving you?

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Comment by Margo Rose on January 29, 2010 at 11:31pm
When I read the title, I thought, "Uh Oh romancing the workplace." My background is in organization development (OD) and I study corporate culture and change. Amelia Earhart once said, "Change is the price that life exacts for granting peace." It's true, if we are in a comfortable rut-it's still a rut, with fuzzy fleece. The problem is the fuzzy fleece turns out to be laced with toxicity. Then, it's tough, not impossible to get out. Change is also my lover. If it weren't for the transition I experienced in 2009, I would not be able to appreciate the work in social media that I have the joy to experience today. Every now and then, life infuses us with a breath of fresh air. Reading your post was just that.

My favorite saying is, if you don't like change, you'll like irrelevance even less.

Your Twitter Pal,

@HRMargo Margo Rose


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