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We have all noticed HUGE changes in workforce dynamics over the years comparing generation to generation. Well here's a little story, hiding a rather large rant, I thought I would share.

I was having dinner with a group of friends back in March and as the discussion turned away from the failing job market and toward the Broadway aspiring wait staff, who were singing their hearts out while waiting and serving, at Ellen’s Stardust Diner in Manhattan. Then out of the blue a tag-along, out-of-work, 20-something parasite nephew remarked “I would never take a job in the food industry”. You could’ve heard a pin drop as everyone at the table directed their attention to the naive remark, while I calmly mustered all of my insight and wisdom to ask “ummm why?

Privileged Nephew’s answer was “I just told myself that I would never work in the food service industry”, translation… “I’m too good for that kind of work”… Hmmmm, well next to the spoiled brat nephew his Uncle sat in bewilderment. Why? Because his Uncle, an international lawyer and former White House staffer, used to wash dishes and perform many other tasks in his father’s diner while growing up and even while attending Law School. Now interestingly enough that same path is not good enough for his nephew who apparently had everything handed to him on a silver platter..

This story is not far away from many I have seen over the past 15, or so, years. High School and College kids “rollin” in their dad’s Mercedes without a care in the world or maybe sporting the newest iPhone 3Gs to cope with their new Twitter fix… Common parental response? "I give it to Johnny to keep track of him" Really, the (insert newest, most expensive mobile device here) is for tracking purposes ..

Is that your final answer?

We’ve become a society of privilege and abundance where certain types of work and lifestyle is “beneath” us and not worthy of our time. I believe this all started back when parents wanted to “start giving my kids a better life than I had.” I find that absurd, because that childhood of hard work, discipline and fear of not pleasing our parents made us all into what we are today.. Successful.. and we want to take that AWAY from our kids?

Do we believe spoon feeding little Johnny will make him into a better person? Or will it set him up for ultimate failure. Case in point, in top colleges across the nation today the term helicopter parent is commonly used for parents that “hover” and make all decisions for their kids throughout their time at the University. Even to the point where the parents are negotiating their kid’s salary and benefits at their very first job out of college. No, seriously this is happening and has been happening for years. Millennials are staying home longer and going to school at colleges closer to home now more than ever.

Xers wanted to get out and make a name for themselves while the millennials are trying feverishly to reattach the cord.

How can we expect a strong economy and future when we’re raising privileged weaklings?

**Note to self: Submit yourself for drama award if ranting continues.

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