Nail Down a Recruiter's Attention

When you're looking for the perfect job, a recruiter could be your ticket to just that. 

Bear in mind that recruiters are busy people, and their job isn't to find a job for you. It's to find the right candidate for each role they're recruiting for.

So just how can you nail down their attention and show them that you're the right choice?

These seven top tips will get you started….

Get Your CV in Order

This is an obvious but important first step.

Recruiters see a lot of CVs, so you'll need to make sure your CV is working hard for you. Your CV should sell your skills at first glance, making clear what you bring to any company.

Include all your relevant career information along with stellar references that you know check out.

Find out if your recruiter uses software that needs the information in a particular format or order, and fit your CV to that.

Show Don't Tell

Don't just list your past roles and job descriptions in your CV.

That doesn't tell a recruiter what you're truly capable of; a much less capable candidate than you could likely list similar roles.

Instead, include hard facts.

What exactly did you achieve? Can you say for example that you saved or made your employer a certain amount of money? Did you improve their business processes or boost sales? Give evidence for it.

Only Apply for the Right Jobs

If there's one thing recruiters don't like, it's time-wasters.

Avoid becoming one of those by only applying for jobs that you're truly qualified for.

Recruiters are looking for the best quality candidates.

By sticking to jobs you know you're qualified to do, you can position yourself as one of those candidates.

Ask Good Questions

Show recruiters that you're invested in the job you want by asking them intelligent questions about it. Ask them about the role itself, and about the employer.

Asking good questions takes some research on your part, and that's a good thing.

Showing that you've taken time to do research and have a real interest in the company will help you stand out.

Build a Relationship

A good relationship with your recruiter will go a long way. Don't just get in touch when you've spotted a job you want to be put forward for.

Make the effort to build a relationship by interacting with them on social media, or tweeting them articles or industry news that's specific to their interests.

Or why not do as the article "Hitting a Recruiter's Target Every Time" suggests and let them know about any suitable candidates you know of for other roles?

Reject Roles Gracefully

Sometimes a recruiter will contact you about a role that isn't right for you.

When that happens, be polite and gracious. Thank them for taking the time to get in touch.

Remember to let them know why the role isn't right for you.

The more they know about your goals and skills, the better placed they'll be to find you more appropriate roles in the future.

Stay in Touch After Recruitment

Don't close off your relationship with your recruiter once you've landed that job. You never know when you might need their services again.

Get in touch occasionally, and keep sending referrals where appropriate. They'll become part of your network, which is a beneficial relationship for you both.

Hitting a recruiter's target isn't always easy.

Take the time to build a relationship and pay attention to the details of every role and employer you're interested in.

You'll stand out from the crowd, and they'll think of you when the next great job comes up.

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About the Author: Tristan Anwyn writes on a variety of topics including social media, how to build customer relationships, content marketing and how to build a good relationship with a recruiter.

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