There were two young recruiters who got tired of pounding the phones, making people mad, fighting for job orders, being dissed by internal recruiters and HR and being one upped by their office mates who had been in the business for years who seemed to be making all the placements and all the money.


They decided to revolunitize the industry, go into career consulting and placement, get paid by candidates then offer up those candidates to companies at a much reduced free.  They brainstormed as to how they could develop this model with not much money, no advertising but at the same time generate a great number of paying customers.  They blogged, they tweeted, they linkedin about their new venture.  They were the new guard, the final solution to the world of recruiting and placement and they let the world know. 


Deciding that social media was not delivering the paying customers they needed they decided to open a "storefront" in the local mall.  Wonderful, high traffic, they could get them in charge them a small fee, run them through the computerized resume prep and it would be a goldmine.  They went to work leased space, put in computers, set it up like speed dating for job seekers.  At the end of the week, they hung the sign on the front that said.  "Reactivate your Career- New Kewl Consulting"


As they were surveying their new venture one of them said to the other, "Just watch, some old skool recruiter will come by and want to know what we think we are doing and tell us why we have lost our minds."


Sure enough, a few minutes later an older guy walked up to the door and said, "What do you kids think you are doing, what the hell do you think you are selling to people."


One of the "New Kewls" looked up and said, "We are selling assholes my friend , you should understand that market".


The Old Skool guy smiled and said, "Looks like you kewl guys are doing just great, you only have two left."

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Comment by Raphael Fang on June 26, 2012 at 8:24pm



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