Hiring the wrong candidate can be a fatal as a venomous snake bite to any organization. day100 is a tool that allows recruiters to take references from candidates prior to the interview and analyzes data to help managers decide which candidates would be a best fit before bringing them in for interview. No process will ever be perfect and that is something we know as talent acquisition professionals.  A lot of membership sites verify their users through references and referrals. day100 applies that same concept to recruiting.  

This product allows you to measure more than skills. There is a measurement for cultural fit, environment fit, and personality. There is a lot of discussion among-st Talent Acquisition professionals on how we measure culture fit. Hiring managers are very easy to dismiss candidates after several rounds of interview buy using the excuse “Not A Cultural Fit”. Having additional data helps us get to the root of this problem, having some sort of measurement of what the culture is and who the candidate is extremely helpful. 

day100 is more of a tool through which employers can get to know candidates as humans - focusing on soft skills and personality traits that determine their success and performance in the workplace - instead of as a piece of paper (through resumes or cover letters). In other words, their focus is on predicting future performance based on data-driven analysis of skills and culture fit with the position. The tool is called day100 because it is focused on predicting the long term success of candidates.

At first, there may be concern that the tool would allow for bias that the traditional reference check would allow. Candidates usually only provide people who they know will give them a good reference. The tool has checks in place to make sure that the references are real and know the candidate. There are checks in place to make sure that candidates don’t tamper with their references. Prior to collecting references, the employer is asked questions about their culture and ideal candidate. A survey and questionnaire is created based on those details.  The data is then collated for each candidate and sorted by who is the best fit. This will save a lot of time because you will interview who is the best fit first. It is very hard to determine fit just on resume alone.

There is a lot of flexibility with the tool. It can be customized for your needs and you can change what you need to for each position that you are actively recruiting for.  References have 48 hours to fill out their forms for the candidate. Candidates can carry their references with them for a certain period of time. If they are applying for multiple roles with other companies using day100, they do not have to have their references refill out the forms again. This feature saves a lot of time. day100 is working to integrate their product with several popular ATS systems.

The process is very easy to understand. The tool is very simple and intuitive. Any team using the tool would require very little training with the tool. This is something you can implement right away from a software perspective. The only issue that one could face with this tool is getting organization by in. This tool would have to be written into the hiring process which may require extra approvals. With very large global organizations, this tool would need to get approved by the global head of Human Resources. Startups and medium size organizations would be able to adopt this product into their processes with much more ease.  Time to submit a reference was less than 5 minutes.

The pricing is extremely competitive with other products in the market place.  They offer a one-month risk free trial which gives you an opportunity to try the product. Pricing starts at $99 per position per month. There is also a discount on volume need. The cost of time is a factor that rarely mentioned in reviews. In case studies, the product has been show to save more than 50% of time. If your hiring manager is billable at $150 per hour and they spend on average 10 hours a month interviewing candidates. That is 10 hours that they are not billable.  If you able to cut that down to half, the company saves $750 which more than offsets the cost of the use of the product.

It is not often that we have a tool that provides us data on the best fit. With this tool we have something different to show and data to back up whether a candidate is a fit. There are a lot of skill testing products and companies that conduct reference checks. Traditional reference checks are usually done right before a candidate is hired. They also take a lot more time away from the recruiter. This tool allows references to provide feedback at their own leisure without interrupting their day. Everything is digitized and saved. Recruiters usually don’t record calls with references and may lose out on valuable insights if they have to go back to that check from just their notes. Unlike other means of testing and tools, the data provide on the candidate is not self-reported.

If you are interested in trying the tool, contact the team at day 100 for a demo through contact@day100.me, or to start a one-month free trial right away.

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