New Tools To Accommodate Millennials- Part 1

Among all the other generations, Millennials are the most researched generation till now. According to the 2015 U.S. Census report, there are 83.1 million millennials in the United States alone and represent more than one quarter of the nation’s population. A generation that is more diversified, multitasking, community oriented, interested in extrinsic life goals and less concerned for others; that’s why every company wants to hire them. For a recruiter, hiring millennials can be arduous because they want a flexible and collaborative workplace. Companies should adapt to their wants and needs. Employers need to find practical ways to get the attention of the generation that is hooked to technology. This article will help recruiters to join the millennials in their game. When you want to catch a millennial, recruiters must think like a millennial.

1) Snapchat For Recruitment-

We all know that Snapchat is growing drastically. According to an eMarketers Study, 70% of Snapchat users are below 34 years old. 30% of U.S. Millennial internet users use Snapchat regularly. Recruiters need to take these statistics into consideration while recruiting. It’s user-unfriendly application makes it difficult to understand for older generations. According to comScore Mobile app metrics, Snapchat was among the top applications millennials use. Recruiters can leverage the technology to make recruitment process easy for millennials.

How to use Snapchat for recruitment?

  • Download the application and talk to a colleague who is already using it (as this is the fastest way to learn it)
  • Tell the candidates to add you on your Snapchat
  • Tell them to send their 10 sec video about their introduction
  • Observe their stories, you will get an inside look of their personality
  • If you find any candidate who matches your company’s culture, send them a message on Snapchat
  • Snapchat allows video chat where you can virtually chat with candidate
  • Call them to your company for an interview

2) Recruitment Via Virtual Reality-

These days the topic on everybody’s mind is Virtual Reality (VR) and the creative ways of using it. It’s still a debatable topic whether it will be a game changer or not? VR hardware revenues alone are set to reach $8.4 bn globally by 2018. Recruitment via VR is already happening. Recently, the British army recruited potential candidates using VR.

How to recruit via VR (Virtual Reality)?

  • Give them Tours- You can give them a tour of your company environment and work culture. This helps companies attract talent as well as establish an employer brand. Candidates will have an inside look of how your firm looks like, so companies need to concentrate on their office design and layout.General Mills is already recruiting candidates from campuses by giving them a virtual office tour.
  • Let them participate in gamified assessment tests, every millennial loves games, there are games coming out almost every day. It’s the same as “What would you do if…” a typical question asked in most interviews. For a job that needs actual practical skills VR would be a great support. Unlike the British Army, any other company can do the gamification of any assessments for better hire. The British Army let potential candidate play a VR game where they face a war situation that gives them the traits of the candidate and his thinking process.
  • Office Collaboration/Interviews- While recruiting for a senior position you require all of the board members approval but arranging them in the same place in the same time could be challenging by taking busy schedule and multiple geo locations into consideration. VR takes the concept of “video calling” to the next level. It allows employers to be a part of the decision making process remotely and the decision itself.


In Part II we will talk about Recruiting Via Instagram

Millennials will rock this era soon. Employers need to make sure that they have best  rockstars on their side. You may prefer to utilize the assistance of employee recruitment software if you want best fit candidates. You just have to provide your job description and in 3 easy steps you will receive best candidates for your job position. 

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