Optimizing Efficiency with HR Strategy

We all reiterate to ourselves the importance of optimizing our job efficiency; but it’s always a lot easier said than done. Such a vague demand on ourselves often falls outside of our work comfort zone. Why is that? Well, usually, we all work the best we can; for if we did not already, we would know exactly what needed to be done to increase efficiency. As such, the idea of improving efficiency can be a bit intimidating and stress-inducing. I think the solution is basic and simple: build a streamlined strategy.

Lately, I have found myself drawn to this topic of strategy, specifically talent strategy. What does it mean and why do we care?? We all know that in order for a human resources department to be successful in their goals, a plan or strategy must be in place for them to succeed. For example, workforce and succession planning are necessary in human resources, but how well are we heading these strategies? Are we aligning our HR goals with the company’s overall business goals? Are we truly being efficient? This is where we can improve.

A Bersin & Associates writer, points out in her blog post that employers may see a jump in employee turnover in the upcoming year due to the lack of effective talent strategy. Talent strategy is important especially as high performing employees have already begun to look elsewhere for positions. Talent Strategy is a necessitous factor in not only employee management and employee retention; but also in the recruitment process. iCIMS’ blogger, Kaitlin Walsh also speaks upon the importance of strategy in her blog post on mapping out your University Recruitment Campaign. Rather than rehash any of their points, I would just like to stress them further.

Taking company goals and comparing them with HR goals is the first step in any strategic analysis; and ultimately, better efficiency.

As simple as this idea is, let’s spell it out real quick. Here’s an easy example.

  • Business Goal: Going green; improving Corporate Social Responsibility
  • HR Goal: Reducing paper volumes associate with job applications to encourage company’s “going green” initiative and to simplify processes for HR staff
  • Strategy: Eliminate the paper application and resume
  • Action: Utilize an online resume tool to parse and store all resume information for your company and install onsite kiosks to eliminate the paper associated with “walk-in applicants”

It is as simple as applying this idea to all HR processes. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process or a stress-inducing task. The principles are simple. And with today’s technology; the implementation of a strategic plan can be even easier. More companies are leveraging applicant tracking systems or HRIS systems to streamline and develop their strategic plans; and thus, improve efficiency.

By creating a strategic HR plan, preparing for the future is easy. The world of recruiting will change as company goals change, as the talent pool fluctuates, as the type of talent differs, as employee drives alter; therefore, it is even more essential to develop your HR strategy now. Then, optimizing job efficiency won’t sound so scary.

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