Part 3 of the ever expanding staffing function!!!

Part 3 of the ever expanding staffing function!!!


So this is part 3 of the series or in reality it is the 4th installation but we are talking about the 3rd model. Here we are going to focus on the trifunction model also called sourcer(Also can use titles of researcher)/caller(also can be called screener or interviewer)/account manager(also can be called)client manager. (for acronyms see first post in this series)

In the trifunction model 3 staffing professionals split the SLC in 3 parts. One does the account/client management function(this includes candidates presentation, arranging tech screen, arranging and conducting in person interviews, offers, declines). One does screening/interviewing of sourced candidates(initial HR screen), and the 3rd does the sourcing/lead generation.  (see blog on job duties of all 3 functions).  


The advantages of this model are:

  1. Because you have 3 people splitting the SLC they can handle more openings and client.
  2. Because you have split the SLC into three functions, you will have a greater chance of getting staffing professionals who are higher caliber in those specific areas.
  3. More objectivity with candidates as the there is less of a personal stake in the candidates once passed from sourcer to screener to account manager



  1. Due to handling the staffing lifecycle by three people there is a greater chance of things being dropped.
  2. Coming up with matrixes is a bit more difficult, as the standard ones do not really apply to all three positions.
  3. More people in the staffing org, there for more overhead and management responsibilities.

Some of the matrixes that can be used to measure success are(these are the best and most common, but there are others(see blog on matrixes):


For Sourcer:

  1. # Sourced candidates/leads
  2. # screened candidates

For Interviewer:

  1. # screened/called candidates
  2. # AM accepted candidates, meaning the AM agreed they looked good for the position
  3. # candidates screened/interviewed(tech screen or face to face)

For Account Manager(AM)

  1. Hires
  2. Client Sat



Next week we will summarize what has been presented here and add a few tidbits that you need to know.

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