Picture worth a thousand words? LinkedIn thread debates for diversity

Should Minorities, Women and Seasoned (older) Workers post their picture on LinkedIN? This question on LinkedIn posted by Derrick Douglas MBA got 118 comments! Wow I am amazed at the perceptions and believe there is an obvious disconnect. One of my favorite activites working with companies is to identify chinks in their corporate armor in terms of Diversity Recruitment. This is where we look at the difference between what we say we value and how we show that. These comments generally ran in favor of posting a pic saying you should be professional and represent the best of yourself. But other comments include:

This is a very interesting question. I've struggled with this for some time. How does one define 'minority'? Does one define it statistically or socially? In my opinion, most define it socially, and that will be the prevailing view which, at the end of the day, will supersede any statistical definition. I don't think the average person views a woman as a minority in the same sense they view someone from a different (non white) ethnic background. That being said, I think the potential negative impact of a photo increases for non-whites. I can’t say that definitely, but I don’t think the probabilities work in their favor. Craig Belcher
Major Account Representative at Ceridian

It is a sad commentary on the estate of affairs that you have to pose the questions that you have. The reality is, you are who you are. If people harbor the wrong thoughts based on ill concieved prejudices, I view this as their loss.
Post- Post proudly! You really don't want to work at a place where you are not welcome. Carlos made relevant comments. It is likely that you have both felt a sting of prejudice in a way that I will never know. In spite of this, the best way to the job is by networking to the decision makers. Work your way around the keepers! Lee Diestelow
Marketing and Sales Manager at Arkema Inc

What most amazed me was the vehement opposition that people felt about companies that might discriminate. From my perspective working with corproate clients who often are early to mid point on their diversity journey. These people want to be seen and respected as individuals and not lumped into categories based on preconceived notions of gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation and we need to comply. As the world becomes more connected and transparent companies that lead will be the ones that value all the variety and innovation that is spurred by a welcoming culture that allows everyone to be engaged and utilize their potential.

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