Reaching Your Audience Part 2: The Client-Focused Recruiting Website

If you haven’t read Part 1 of our 3-part series on understanding your recruiting website’s audience, I highly recommend you take the time to familiarize yourself with the importance of identifying the audience for your firm’s digital services. It is important that we reiterate that your recruiting website does not have to dedicate the entirety of its efforts to just one audience; however, it is vital that you honestly assess the focus of your organization and strategically balance your efforts to match the ratio you apply to the client versus candidate approach your digital ecosystem takes. Even if you have identified the need for a client-focused recruiting website, if you feel that even 10 percent of your attention should be spent on candidates, then you should identify a proportionate amount of your digital landscape that reflects that focus.


In Part 2 of our series we are focused on outlining some of the value points of a client-focused recruiting website. Some of the aspects of a client-focused recruiting website may seem obvious, but there are also factors that are often overlooked by our clients that have proven to be of great importance to the clients of our clients.


Description of Services and Industries

While it may seem obvious that a client-focused recruiting website should provide its clients with a list and description of its various services, too often recruitment websites fail to thoroughly and clearly explain the services, if they do at all. There are two major advantages to providing a detailed list of your services that is easily accessible to the clients visiting your site. First and foremost, you want your clients to find the information that is vital to their needs so that they can better understand why your services are the best choice for their hiring needs. Second, and perhaps just as important, is that a thorough listing of your services and industries can serve as a filter, reducing the amount of time you spend deferring people who seek your services only to find you don’t provide the service they need or serve the industry in which they are positioned.



There isn’t a lot to say in terms of the value of calls-to-action for a client-focused recruiting website. The reason for this is because their value is simply stated:  calls-to-action provide multiple opportunities for potential clients to reach out and connect with your organization. If the website is designed to reliably facilitate relationships with potential clients, it only makes sense to provide attractive calls-to-action throughout your site that encourage the visitor to pick up the phone or open an email draft and reach out.


Jobs or Recent Placements

Depending on the industries or positions for which your firm recruits, you may or may not want to provide a listing of current job opportunities. At Recruiters Websites we understand that this level of confidentiality is vital and we believe your website is a great way to reinforce how much you value the privacy of certain searches. However, even if you find it in your firm’s best interest to not list current opportunities, providing at least a listing of recent placements (and these can be as simple as position and industry, leaving out specific information that may be too critical to reveal) is an often-overlooked value to a client-focused recruiting website. A list of recent placements shows visiting clients that you have experience placing the positions they need in the industries they serve.


This is by no means an all-encompassing list of the elements your client-focused website should include. As you are no doubt aware, each firm is unique in the way it interacts with clients, the services it provides and the industries in which it deals. We take great pride in our own recruiting experience and call upon that to help us provide custom recommendations as to how best approach your client-focused recruiting website. In our third and final installment of this series, we will discuss the strategy to incorporate when approaching a candidate-focused recruiting website.

Adam is a copy writer, content specialist and editor with Recruiters Websites, a web design firm specializing in websites for the recruiting and staffing industry.

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