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What Does Your Website Say About Your Clients?

There has been a great deal written regarding the importance of your website as a reflection of your business and professionalism. It’s 2018, and if you weren’t aware, the internet is ubiquitous. Every year that passes only further cements the reality that legitimate, professional organizations have a legitimate, professional web presence. We could continue to…


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Make Your Website Work for You in 2018

It may seem a little premature for New Year’s Resolutions, but growing your business is a resolution you should be making year round. Still, the end of the year is an especially applicable time to reflect on your past year’s successes as well as opportunities for improvements. One of the most important points we strive to make with everyone we speak with is…


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What SEO Isn’t: Pitfalls of Recruiter Website SEO

If search engine optimization is a process you are considering or have already attempted, odds are you have consulted more than a few resources that are ready to educate you on what exactly SEO is. As consultants for SEO specifically within the recruiting and staffing industry, we constantly engage with clients who are eager to improve their rankings and increase…


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Part 3: The Candidate-Focused Recruiting Website

For the third and final part of our series dedicated to helping recruiters reach their intended audience, we turn our attention to the candidate-focused recruiting website. In Part 1 we took a broader approach to understanding how best…


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Reaching Your Audience Part 2: The Client-Focused Recruiting Website

If you haven’t read Part 1 of our 3-part series on understanding your recruiting website’s audience, I highly recommend you take the time to familiarize yourself with the importance of identifying the audience for your firm’s digital services. It is important…


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Reaching Your Audience Part 1: Do You Understand the Focus of your Digital Presence

Are you reaching all the clients and candidates you can? Are you making as many placements as you could? We’ve spent a great amount of space throughout our various articles discussing best practices to give your website the best look and feel. We’ve also made more than our fair share of suggestions as to the technologies you should be integrating with your recruiting…


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A Recruiting Website Refresh May Be Right for You

The prospect of completely transforming your entire digital presence can seem daunting. From the bottom to the top, there are numerous areas in which your recruiting website can be fine-tuned and tweaked. Naturally, at Recruiters Websites, we know the value of instituting a complete overhaul to your online ecosystem;…


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Why Recruiting Websites Lose Millennials and Why It Matters

Among the many buzzwords circulating throughout the recruiting and staffing industry, none perhaps is said with more trepidation and contempt than millennials. The term for many a hiring manager and seasoned recruiter conjures images of some bearded hipster who wants to bring his two dogs and papoose-bound newborn to work. And while that image may not always…


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The Machine Learning and AI Recruiting Future

The technological ecosystem is constantly evolving, and as it does, so do the various components of that ecosystem. As the world grows more decentralized and the power and proliferation of knowledge can equip the right persons with access to game-changing technology. In the worlds of industry and business, the incorporation of emerging tech can mean the difference…


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Is LinkedIn Abandoning Recruiting?

As Microsoft continues to transform LinkedIn, it, by proxy, transforms the world of recruitment. What becomes more and more apparent, however, as LinkedIn evolves, is that Microsoft does not seem to find the value in LinkedIn as it pertains to recruiters. A continual push to not only push LinkedIn more into the social media sector has many wondering, is…


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Does your recruiting firm make a lasting first impression?

First impressions are vital. We know it. Our clients know it. As recruiters, we inundate our candidates with the importance and value of the first impression they have on potential employers, not to mention to the first impression an employer has on potential talent. However,…


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What does your retained search website say about your quality?

Having partnered with hundreds of recruiting firms representing a broad spectrum of industries and services, we understand that each firm has its own unique blend of expertise and audience. We have also found, however, that firms that share a similar focus or service often develop similar misconceptions regarding their web presence. One recurring question we field is…


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5 Recruiting Website Services You’re Probably Missing or Misusing

If you’ve already realized the power your web presence can have on your ability to make placements, then you are miles ahead of many of your fellow recruiters. Presence alone is a powerful enough reason to tend to the customer-facing side of your website. But a properly designed website for staffing agencies boasts a slew of recruiting website…


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Recruiting Website SEO: More Than Just a Number

With any online endeavor, the topic of SEO always arises. In the past we’ve touched on the importance of organic versus manufactured SEO, making the case that trying to shortcut your way to SEO success is ill advised and, most likely, ineffective. Ranking well on search engines, especially…


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The Right Way to do Recruiting Website Photos

The title of this post may be a little misleading as it implies there is a singular right way to do recruiting website photos. The photography that’s right for your staffing agency may not be what works best for another. With a variety of industries, niches and demographics, the right photos can differ greatly from agency to agency.…


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How Google Jobs changes recruiting

There’s nothing quite so ominous for an industry as when Google decides to focus its energy in that industry’s direction. As we stand in the dawn of Google for Jobs, it’s hard to say what it’s impact will be on the recruiting world or how Google Jobs changes recruiting, but as with most things Google, it is safe to say there will be some level of resonation. As it…


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The Candidates’ Case for a Better Recruiting Website

Recruiting and staffing is a people business. That’s why we love helping recruiters. We believe in the mission of connecting top talent with world-class organizations. We believe people make businesses better and stronger. If you’re a good recruiter (and we know you are), we know you enjoy connecting that perfect candidate with a great company. But for candidates,…


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3 Best Practices for a Recruiting Website Blog

We’ve discussed the vital components missing in your recruitment website’s content. You like many recruiting and staffing agencies are vying for that coveted first page. Maybe you pore over SEO books and articles. Maybe you even attend seminars and conferences that have a focus on digital…


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Is LinkedIn Ruining Recruiting for your firm?

Before I jump into this article, I’d like to take a moment to tell you about Betteridge’s Law of Headlines (it’s a real thing). The law states:  "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." I tell you that to say this:  laws were made to be broken. And while Betteridge’s law is largely right in today’s world of clickbait questions,…


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Get Out In Front of Back Door Hires

Having come from working a desk, we know the frustration of discovering a client has reconnected with a candidate you originally brought to them. This frustration is compounded when you confront the client, only to have them say they don’t feel they owe you a fee. If you’ve had any real experience as a recruiter, then the reality of back door hires is nothing new to…


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