Currently the average posting period for all jobs is 45 days, according to data from WANTED Analytics. This it the time it takes Recruiters to post new job ads, collect resumes, and begin the interview process. Recruiters can add this time to the number of days their typical interview process takes to determine time-to-fill. The average posting period may vary depending on the specific profession. For instance, Heavy and Tractor-Trailer job ads remain online for 55 days and Reg...

When adding the average time-to-fill along with the average posting period, you may find that your job will take long to fill. Here are some reasons your job may be going unfilled and ways to reduce time-to-fill. 

1. Is your Job Ad an Advertisement?

Typically employers include some details about the company and then a long list of skills and attributes their dream candidate possesses. Instead, think about the person who you want to read the ad. Use the copy in the ad to appeal to your ideal candidate. Think about what they may be looking for in an employer. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to know? Consider connecting with your marketing department for help. In your ad copy, highlight your company's perks or what your company does for the community, how your organization makes the world a better place? Keep the ad copy brief and only include requirements that are necessary and details that may appeal to candidates. Which brings us to...

2. Too Many Requirements in your Job Ad

With access to over a billion job ads, we often see long lists of requirements, which makes it harder to find candidates meeting each criterion. Listing many requirements may intimidate candidates. When establishing requirements for a position, consider which skills are "must-have" and which skills are "nice-to-have." Focus on the "must-have" skills in the job ad and assess the "nice-to-have" skills during the interview. Consider what training programs are available at your organization; which of these skills can be taught on the job and which can't be?  When searching for Registered Nurses, there are about 2.6 million candidates in the US workforce. However, when adding multiple requirements, such as Patient Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and critical care, the national candidate supply is reduced to 3,700. This is just an example of how adding requirements reduces your talent pool.  Patient Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a highly demanded nursing skill. If competition for this ability is high, consider incorporating this into your training program.

1.8.15 Candidate Supply for Registered Nurses with EMR and Critical Care Skills

3. Longer Posting Periods in Certain Areas

Some jobs may take longer to fill in certain areas. Check the average posting period for your job opening before planning your hiring strategy. Truck Driver jobs are posted online for a longer period on average in Macon, GA, 76 days (about 11 weeks.) In the nearby Atlanta metro, similar job listings appear online for a shorter period of time, 54 days (just under 8 weeks.) Consider advertising your opening in metro areas with shorter posting periods. 

1.7.15 Average Posting Period of Truck Drivers in GA

4. Low Salary Compared to Market Average

Is the offered salary on par with the advertised market average? The national median advertised salary for Registered Nurses is $72,150. This is the advertised salary in job listings that is used to attract candidates, not necessarily the agreed upon pay between employer and employee. In New York, one of the metro areas with the greatest demand for Registered Nurses, the median advertised salary is slightly higher at $77,050. Compare your salary to what competitors are offering to make sure it's competitive. If you are below the local average offered salary consider matching or beating your market's average. Also consider sourcing talent from nearby areas that have lower advertised salaries. 

1.7.15 Average Advertised Salaries for Registered Nurses

5. Difficult Recruiting Conditions in your Market

Some locations have more difficult recruiting conditions than others. Look to other cities with less challenging recruiting conditions to relocate talent. Our Hiring Scale scores jobs on a scale of 1 to 99, with 99 meaning hardest-to-fill. The Champaign, IL metro area currently has difficult recruiting conditions for Registered Nurses, scoring a 71. However, the nearby metro of Peoria, IL has a lower Hiring Scale score, signaling more favorable recruiting conditions. These cities are about 1.5 hours apart. Some candidates may not be willing to make the commute, but some candidates may live in between those areas or willing to move nearby for a better job opportunity.

1.7.15 Recruiting Conditions for Registered Nurses in IL

6. Sourcing in the Wrong Places

Not all candidates are on LinkedIn, especially those who don't have a desk job. Many Nurses are working on their feet and dealing face-to-face with patients. Consider other places where you can source candidates. Where do Nurses go, what do they do, where do they get certifications? Work with nursing organizations and member associations that Nurses may belong to. You may be able to work with them to build your candidate pipeline. Also make sure you are working with colleges and universities that have nursing programs. Reach out to and set up recruitment programs with these schools to attract people just entering the workforce with the latest education and training.

1.7.15 Colleges and Universities with the Largest Graduating Classes of Registered Nurses

This article originally appeared on Analysis, a WANTED Analytics blog.


Ashley Zito Rowe writes for the WANTED Analytics blog, Analysis, and her wine blog, NJ Wine with Me. Ashley’s articles and insight have been featured on or cited by Forbes,, ERE, American Staffing Association,, GetOutsideNJ, and Hometown Quarterly. She is also a Marketing Manager for WANTED Analytics, focusing on customer and social media engagement. When Ashley isn’t researching hiring trends or drinking NJ wines, she’s likely to be adventuring somewhere in NJ, painting something, or watching Disney movies.

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