We are taking a short break form the series on lesser known sites, but do not worry we will get back to it, I have a boat load of more sites to share. However this post had to be done. 

RECRUITERS WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?       I ask because judging by the 20 plus emails I get from recruiters saying they want to talk with me about a oracle DBA position or DBA or Network Architect OR Oracle Apps EAM, the one thing that is not being done is reading of a person’s profile, resume. Or research on what they really do. I am not kidding check out the picture below of the email I got, of course I took out the name of the person to protect the innocent.


Now besides the fact I am not an Oracle person, and I did contact this recruiter to verify he wanted to talk with me about me filling this position as he thought I was an Oracle person, this email is well wrong on so many levels. No introduction, no action item, basically no nothing. 

Worse and I am not kidding I get about 40+ emails a week or more about jobs, and at least half are for positions that it is obvious if you read my resume or profile I do not qualify for.

So the question is why? The answer is simple; they are not taking the time to read. They are doing searches based on key words and mass mailing people. They really do not care. All they need to do is hit on 1 so they do not care. 

However let me tell you why you better care. I spoke to about 100 people in the last couple of weeks, and asked them all if they get these also. Everyone said yes. I asked what they do. They all said they ignore them, but remember the recruiters name and the company. I asked why, they said because they will never respond to or work for that recruiter or company. 

So recruiters that is why you should care, there is already a skills shortage can you really afford to alienate candidates because you did not read their profile or do any research and send mails to candidates for the wrong positions. Oh and so you know what you are doing does not make you recruiters, it makes you lazy, slimy used car salesmen, and gives staffing a bad name. What you are doing is “Dart Recruiting” throwing up emails and hoping some stick even if you are throwing it up to the wrong people. 

So before you alienate more candidates and alienate yourself from your fellow staffing professionals, stop and think about it, and start doing your reading and research. Start doing things the right way. 

Next week back to the series on lesser known sites.

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