Recruitment predictions for 2016: HR technology

Modern processes of recruitment still come with downsides in terms of time, cost or even outcome in quality hire. Long hours screening CVs and interviewing candidates? Lack of qualified candidates for the role? High costs in advertising vacancies? Coping with such reality in an ever-increasing competitive market is a challenge for even the most dedicated recruiter.

So far, an online platform such as LinkedIn has proved to be a great substitute to the traditional, time consuming and soon obsolete résumé, however, modern hiring processes already integrate a tremendous boom in the variety of technologies available.

  • Mobile app recruiting: a recent survey conducted in UK and USA shows that close to 80% of active candidates use their mobile to visit a company site and view career opportunities sent to their inbox, while almost 50% of talent acquisition leaders suggest that mobile app recruiting is not a top priority for their company. Such contrasting stats scream out that being unable to adapt to where candidates currently are, may be placing you at disadvantage in comparison to your competitors. And what’s worse, you may simply cease to exist in the eyes of the applicants.
  • Digitised assessment: personality assessments and pre-recorded video interviews are bringing in a better understanding of the candidate and hence improvements in quality hire avoiding future loss in return on employee investment. Based on questions proposed by the recruiter for the specific vacancy, webcam interviews automate the recruitment process and enable the procedure to speed up avoiding time waste and cost in previous phone calls.
  • Applicant tracking analytics: leading companies have already implemented innovative HR analytics in order to recruit and retain the great human potential that often drives superior value in companies. Measuring efficiency in terms of time, cost per hire and relevance of hire helps recruiting professionals to evaluate patterns, make correct predictions and recognize the best change-driver employee. Big data analysis and social media play an important role here.

At skeeled, we put our faith on the wonders of HR technology in order to improve, simplify and effectively accelerate your department’s hiring process. For that purpose we have finally developed what every worker in an HR department –from the intern to the manager- always dreamt about so that both efficiency and quality at hiring are enhanced.

The skeeled software revolutionizes how recruiters screen, understand, collaborate and evaluate candidates through its interface of standardized CVs, detailed personality insights and video interviews. It helps reducing recruitment time by 50%, helps saving up to 30% of costs and significantly improving your quality of hire.

For more information, we share with you our latest video. Once again, we would really like to thank you for the reading and do not forget to follow us on LinkedIn for further updates.

– This is definitely the future of HR technology-

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