Recruitment Training: How Time Management Can Increase Your Billings

Training for recruitment consultants in your team is vital. They need to have the skills and attributes of super sales people and the unique ability to bring in both candidates and clients. This is so different to many other industries. The rewards are there for the top performers, provided they know what activities to prioritise and when.

The saying goes that you can always make more money though you can't manufacture more time. The truth is, though you can't make more time you can use the time you have much more effectively.

Historically many of us were taught to prioritise using the classic urgent verses important or only touch a piece of paper once school of time management theories! Yeah right. Not really realistic in this day and age where laptops, iPads, mobile phones and social media infiltrate our lives 24/7. So much so that there are even software programmes available that will minimise your time on the popular social networking websites.

As recruiters and recruitment team leaders we often have to meet our own billings and also help team members to manage theirs. So what steps can you use to maximise the time you have available.

Planning and Prioritisation

Old fashioned maybe. Does it work? Absolutely. Planning has lost some popularity over the years and yet having a plan of what needs to happen and when will save hours of time. Some basic training for your recruitment consultants can start with this simple task. Ideally get you recruiters to write down everything that they think they need to do during a typical day or week. This is known as freeing up head space some people call it altering the psychic ram.

This process gets everything down on paper. A challenging eye will then be able to identify key activities that will deliver results and ones that probably should not be carried out by your recruiters anyway. One key thing to do is carry out this 'time log' for a week. Pick a normal week, not one where you are at a trade show or involved in an activity that will be hard to measure.

Make a list of every activity. As the saying goes success leaves clues. By looking at what you are working on and then what you have been able to achieve will give you an on the spot analysis of what is working.

Generally the more conversations and interactions you are having with candidates and clients the better your results will be. In the recruitment industry that is really all there is.

By looking at your time log with a fresh pair of eyes and knowledge the key activities will jump out at you. When you find something that is working do more of it. Depending on which recruitment sector you are in this might be different. Some sectors will respond to connection on Social media websites like LinkedIn, others by having lunch or a beer or glass of wine after work.

This is important to train your recruitment consultants to look out for and importantly what the next steps are after that.

And now to learn more about management training for recruitment companies you can get FREE access to our tips by visiting Centred Excellence at

Nicky Coffin has over 15 years' experience running her own recruitment agency and helping other recruitment business owners who need advice on training for recruitment consultants. For Rapid Results For Recruitment Agencies visit our Centred Excellence website.

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