Recruitment Training: How To Choose A Company To Train Your Recruiters

Recruitment training is important no matter what company you are a part of if, your goal is to grow and increase your employees. It is especially important if you own a recruitment agency and have a team of recruiters whose key function is to deliver to your clients a steady stream of appropriate, top flight candidates.

So what do you need to consider when choosing from a range of companies that can potentially provide recruitment training for your team of recruitment consultants and managers.

1. Do they have Recruitment Industry Experience?

There are a lot of training and development providers out there, so in essence you have a lot of choice. First of all a great question to ask is do they have experience in your particular industry. The recruitment sector has its own style. Recruitment consultants have to be goal orientated, driven and yet flexible, making sure candidate and clients are matched. A gung ho approach to selling is all well and good and yet there needed to be a balance. Increased billings are important along with account management. A training provider who has actual experience within this sector will understand this. All you have to do is ask them. This leads onto something else.

2. Who are they and what is their experience?

So you know that this recruitment training company has experience. Now it is time to find out exactly what it is. Perhaps they have worked as a recruiter or recruitment manager in the past and have a flair for developing and training people. This is a good sign as you can be confident that they understand the job role. Depending on the level of training and development you need do they have a grasp of the wider implications of running a recruitment company? A bonus is to find someone who has worked at a senior manager level. This individual will have a range of skills and will have come across a lot of the issues you are facing.

3. What is their level of training and coaching expertise?

It is all well and good that someone knows the recruitment industry. The question now is can they teach, train and coach. What is their own skill level in these areas?

Do they have any training qualifications? Maybe specialist skills like MBTI, Business consulting, NLP, advanced communication skills, what are their performance coaching abilities? Have they any experience of management training for recruitment companies, vital if your plan is to grow your company to new heights. All questions to ask and get answers to before you move forward.

4. What are their results in recruitment training?

If the companies you are choosing from have ticked box one and have recruitment industry experience, what results have they achieved? Not just the warm cuddly stuff either. What were the recruiters or managers able to achieve post the training? How much did their billings increase? How many new candidate CV's got sent out? How is the team performing? This is usually pretty easy to find out if you are dealing with a professional company. First of all they will have a website that you can visit. This will also include information about the range of services they provide and importantly the results that people are getting.

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Nicky Coffin has over 15 year's experience running her own recruitment agency and helping other recruitment business owners to growth theirs- Rapid Results For Recruitment Agencies an Expert on recruitment consultant training For Rapid Results For Recruitment Agencies visit our Centred Excellence website.

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