Recruitment Training: Why Performance Coaching Can Double Your Turnover

Recruitment training is vital if you are in the recruitment sector and want your business to grow. If you're in the recruitment training part of the company, the chances are that you possess a few key skills which come fairly naturally - things like intuition, the ability to sense a person's hidden skills, and determining when someone isn't suited to a certain position. These are all things which you then pass onto recruiters by way of recruitment training. Going by this logic, then, all recruitment training firms should be made equal and none should be at an advantage. So, with this in mind, how come some excel while others seem less able to attract success? One explanation could be just good luck, but another could well be a difference in technique. It's a known fact that the firms who do the best in business achieve their goals because they understand every part of what they are doing.

The notion that a performance coach will come into your office, only to question your recruitment training strategies and way of doing things, isn't an especially new one - many people mistakenly believe that all performance coaches care about is implementing their own strategies. The fact, though, is that this couldn't be further from the truth. In all cases, the role of the performance coach is to better a company's recruitment training so that the staff can train others to confidently attract the right people for the right jobs which best suit their individual skill-sets. It may sound mysterious, but actually what performance coaches do is surprisingly simple.

The performance coach begins by identifying the issues that the recruitment training company faces both long and short-term. Seeing things from the outside, from a fresh, new and unbiased perspective, they are able to clearly see what the problems are. The company may not appreciate hearing these negative points, but performance coaches have a long history of turning companies around by suggesting unique, tailor made methods. When these are adhered to, great things really do happen.

Once these negative points have been targeted, it's time for the performance coach to work out why these issues have been allowed to take hold in the first place. It may be something simple, like conflict within the training company, or it may be something more-ingrained, like low staff moral which has seeped into the foundation of the business and affected a number of recruiters. Either way, the performance coach's job is to increase the recruitment training company's turnover by getting the best from all recruiters and making everyone able to be better decision makers.

This inevitably leads to more motivation and a focus on the areas that need work. Suddenly all hope is not lost and people are smiling. Where problems constantly arose, the negative energy that could once be cut with a knife is replaced with a map of what to do and how to tackle problems if and when they arise. The result is less negativity and more positive action. This inevitably leads to better communication within the company, which means that the business is much more efficient. In the end, it all leads to more good business being done and more money coming in - something which motivates everyone to try harder and constantly do their best.

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