Training for Recruitment Consultants: Why Your New Recruiter Needs a Coach

Training for recruitment consultants should be a major priority for any recruitment agency. Picture the scene: you run an established Recruitment company - business has been on the up for some time and it shows no sign of slowing down soon. Then, just at what feels like the height of your success, you get the news you've been dreading: your top recruiter is leaving you. Whatever the reason - pregnancy, a new job or a move into a different industry - nothing softens the blow, and hiring a new recruiter isn't something which should be rushed into, no matter how much you need them.

Many people believe that hiring a new recruiter should be where it ends. After all, they're trained at what they do, have the right amount of experience and seem an ideal fit. But look at it this way: as gifted as they might be and as suited as their CV might make them seem, can you be certain that they will represent your company just as you'd like when you're not looking? While you may have already established a modicum of trust at the interview stage, nothing beats some extra training to ensure that you're both on the same wave-length.

Performance coaches are the ideal people to bring in to assist your new recruiter. Not only are they experts at getting people to fulfill their potential, but they can see a business with fresh eyes and understand very quickly how a new recruiter will fit into the dynamics that are already present; really, it's about putting everyone on the same wave-length, and with a performance coach you get this, plus the added peace of mind which comes with knowing they have achieved great results before.

Another reason for hiring a coach to assist your new recruiter is more simple: we all have different ways of handling things, and a coach will be able to explain how the new employee can effectively integrate into the way your company does business. An even more important reason why your recruiter needs a coach is decision making. All businesses hinge on this one important skill, and by making sure that your Recruiter is doing this well enough, you can be sure that time isn't being wasted or unnecessarily taken up.

Motivation is also something which performance coaches specialise in handling and encouraging. If your new recruiter is easily stressed or too easily distracted, your coach will notice this very early on and offer a number of techniques which he or she can use. The best thing is that with the advice and information coming from a third-party, he or she is more likely to take note and make long-term changes that translate into working better with the team. Instead of just switching off as you speak - something which is inevitable for the new recruiter who is bombarded with information - they will engage better with what they are hearing. It all adds up to a better working relationship for everyone and a level of assurance which makes you glad you got a performance coach in.

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