Remembering that the most important person in a business is the business (not the individual)

What do Conor McGregor, David Beckham and even "Stone Cold" Steve Austin have in common? They have all had run-ins and clashes with their employers when their star power is beginning to eclipse their businesses.

In Mr. McGregor's situation, he recently tried to flex his considerable star power in the UFC and decided to decline numerous promotional dates for an upcoming event. This subsequently blew up in his face, but not before a nasty civil war broke out in the media between both sides – The end product wasn’t good for both parties, McGregor lost out on the top spot to headline the company's biggest PPV in history and the UFC had to reshuffle the pack. The fact remains regardless of the records Conor has broken and the attention he brings (not forgetting the $$$$'s he has made the UFC), he is not and will never be bigger than the company.  

How does this relate to the recruitment industry? In a world where top performers can create opportunities for themselves, the fact remains that no one person is ever bigger than a company or team for that matter. Individuals could be record breakers, excellent revenue generators, with an excellent reputation with both clients and candidates - but everyone in the sales, business or sporting worlds are expendable. If a top performer moves on, there may very well be short term pain, but the funny thing about the world is there is always someone else out there with the ability and opportunity to grab the metaphorical brass ring and become a high achiever.

In our industry, success brings with it accolade and this can also bring with it a battle to keep ego in check. This invariable leads to situations of personality clashes with management and colleagues, as top performers may feel they should be treated differently. Although dispensations can be made from an incentive perspective, the fact remains that everyone in business should be treated with the same level of respect and professionalism. 

So how can businesses and individuals ensure they keep a harmonious environment?

Businesses should have fair internal policies regarding opportunities for personal growth and development in career progression. Regular one to one meetings and recorded milestones/deliverables in place in order for employees to acheive. For the individuals, you must ask yourself if you don't feel that your career goals are being catered for at your current employer, is it time to consider new opportunities? Perhaps even speaking with an industry expert (like me!) I’d also consider how long it has taken you to achieve the results and level you find yourself in?

In the roller-coaster world of recruitment, things can change rapidly if you take your eyes off the remain humble, fair and thankful for the position you have found yourself in. Be a shining example to more junior employees and new starters, as the saying goes "if you're lucky enough to do well it's your responsibility to send the elevator back down"

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