Retail Revamp: How to Use Customer Reviews in Your Strategy

Marketing strategies, even successful ones, will not work forever. In most cases, companies find the need to change their marketing approach on a fairly regular basis. Print advertisements and commercials undergo subtle to radical changes every year to ensure the message being conveyed is not a stale sales pitch.


Even the elements of a marketing strategy need to be changed from time to time. One such element that advertisers find useful are customer reviews. Reviews are most effective when they paint your company, products, and services in a positive light. The following are some ways to incorporate customer reviews and help improve your marketing strategy.


Getting Positive Customer Reviews


In order to market with authentic, positive customer reviews, a company must show that its products and services possess good value and quality. When customers perceive their purchase is from a quality company that provides real value, it’s easier to compel them to respond with favorable reviews.


Independent Customer Reviews


When companies need to demonstrate how much their customers truly take to their products and services, it often helps to have independently verified customer and business reviews from a third party source. Services, like OpenTell business reviews, help companies verify and identify authentic customer reviews. This provides consumers with an independently controlled, accurate review of a company and its products.


Customer Reviews Provide Social Proof


Skeptical customers are often hesitant to try something new and worry about a product giving them a bad experience. To ease their concerns, customer reviews will provide them with social proof about a company from other people's experiences with a product to help them determine if it’s something they might like to try themselves. Knowing that someone else tried the product or service, and had a good experience, is sometimes enough to convert even a skeptical consumer into a paying customer.


Sneaking Customer Reviews in as Testimonials


If you’re writing a lengthy sales letter for your website, it can often help to frequently break up the monotony by interjecting a customer review about the product or service you’re pitching. This is a clever way to provide subtle reminders to a potential lead that others tried the product or service and liked it. The trick with using customer reviews as testimonials is to not overdo it. If you use too many reviews in a sales letter, it may come across as a little too pitchy and distracting to a modern consumer base.


Using Customer Reviews in Social Media Marketing


When marketing in a social media context, where you have access to a consumer and their friends, a good customer review will often resonate positively with the consumer’s friends. It’s like the customer is giving their friends permission and encouragement to buy from your company. In this context, the initial customer review is doing all the heavy lifting for you in the marketing campaign. This is a great way to generate a stream of sales of high ticket items.


Marketing is a tricky game of trial and error. Fortunately, companies have invested a lot of time, effort, and money into learning which marketing strategies actually work. Enhancing your next marketing strategy with customer reviews could prove to generate a huge win for your bottom line. Using customer reviews to demonstrate how much other consumers like your products and services will also help brand your company as being a quality company with which to do business.

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