SAP Recruitment Agency: Why You Should Consider One

Job Hunting is Time Consuming

It is possible that you have never used a specialist SAP Recruitment Agency before. This is most probably because you are familiar with the scepticism that lies around the recruitment industry. Well, this is wrong. There is a lot to gain from seeking employment through a good recruitment agency and I want to tell you why!

Working as a SAP Consultant can be very demanding both physically and mentally, giving you very little time to browse the job market when in need of a new opportunity. Depending on whether you are in a permanent SAP role or a contract SAP role, finding a new opportunity may be quite urgent. Say you are due to finish a SAP contract role in a few months’ time; you are working incredibly hard and by the end of each day, you just want to spend those few precious hours in the evening with your family instead of trawling through job advertisements. Sound familiar?

Why a Recruitment Agency?

Well that’s where recruitment agencies come in. Companies like Whitehall Resources can take away the stress of job hunting and do the large majority the process on your behalf. In addition, there are many ways in which individual recruitment consultant adds value to your job search - you can read my blog post on this here.

Better Salaries

Recruitment agencies have strong relationships with their clients; often this means that they can successfully negotiate crucial variables with more effect than the individual SAP consultant can. For example, a recruitment consultant will be able to negotiate you the best possible salary without pricing you out of the market because they have worked with the client many times before and know the full value of your credentials in relation to the specific role.

Useful Advice

WHR is a perfect example of a specialist SAP recruitment agency that has exceptional knowledge within the industry and can therefore provide you with additional tips and inside information. They can give you a big head start with you preparation and will significantly enhance your chance of hire. For example, they can give you the background and personal preferences of the hiring managers so that you can better know how to approach any interview.

Huge pool of job opportunities

A recruitment agency has access to hundreds of jobs that they can quickly match to your specific requirements, skills and experience. They will present you suitable jobs opportunities with companies that you may not have even known existed. They make the process of job hunting incredibly simple and essentially perform this task for you. This means that you can spend the saved time applying the agencies advice to amend your CV and preparing your answers for pending interviews.

But don’t recruitment agencies get paid out of my salary?

A typical concern is that because of recruitment consultancy fees, salaries/rates can be lower than through independent hires. This is almost never the case within the SAP industry because clients are prepared to pay for the right person so that the requirements are fulfilled to maximum effect. Clients trust the agency working on their behalf and are willing to pay a premium price on top of agreed salaries/rates to get the right SAP specialist, otherwise they risk wasting their investment altogether. In addition, the recruitment agency will find them the right candidate without much input from the client themselves. So for a client, the choice is to either spend time and money to find someone independently; or save time and pay a specialist SAP recruitment agency to find that person for them at a lower cost. Seems an obvious choice.

If you are still unsure whether you can gain any benefits from seeking employment through a specialist SAP recruitment agency, why don’t you pick up your phone and call one. Using a recruitment agency does not cost you anything and is likely to result in a new SAP placement much sooner than through independent searches.

Recruitment consultant’s jobs are to give you advice, find jobs that match your needs, prepare you for the entire recruitment process and then negotiate your contract.

How do I join a specialist SAP recruitment agency?

To challenge one of our recruiters to find you your next SAP role, give us a call on +44 (0) 1206 212101 or email your up-to-date CV to

To view all our current jobs, head over to the jobs page by clicking here.

What’s your opinion? Have you too had good experiences with a recruitment agency?

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