Pretty common...everyone knows it...but how many people..organizations..companies..leaders actually do/apply these in their everyday professional and personal life?

Just like "Rice" for asian people and "Potatoes" for western people- they are considered a STAPLE when it comes to not only running your own business or being an employee but this is something that plays a big role even in running your own personal life.

It does sound a pretty simple thing to do but you would be surprise that there are people, leaders and even company owners that does not have any of these...

In everything I do- it is very important that I identify a certain goal- It can be short or long term goal but the idea is that you have a DIRECTION where you want to go and from there is the only time where you can create a PLAN or a blueprint of the necessary actions you need to do/accomplish to get there.

PURPOSE is very important- again, we have heard this one from John Maxwell, from our managers, pastor and our own parents- but if you ask yourself now..."Do you actually know the purpose of what you are doing right now?" "Where you are right now and where it will take you?"...

I believe that the moment you lose sight of your goal and the "PURPOSE" why you are still doing that particular thing you are doing- then it is bound to fall apart.

You see some people who comes in to work to punch in and then punch out at 5pm on the dot and do the same thing over and over again...the reason being is that a. they do not have a GOAL and b. No PURPOSE or reason anymore why they are still doing that job.

And that is why it is very important that you personally set your goals and identify your purpose and it is very important that manager's and company owners do continually and consistently help remind their employees of the GOALS of the company and the PURPOSE so as for them not to lose the energy and the motivation and the drive to succeed.

I remember when I was still a Team Leader- I had 20 people under my wing and I never stopped communicating with them of the GOALS that we set- in fact, we continue setting new goals/ new challenges and one thing I like doing is that- I would post on our bulletin board who has a perfect attendance with perfect "QA or Quality Assurance Score" and our current ranking in the company- I do these on a weekly basis and I show them how we are meeting our goals and more importantly- we make sure that they are being identified and that we commend them for the job well done.

I also monitor each one of my member's readiness to take the next level- (getting promoted) and I help them realize that they are actually ready and that it is time that we set new goals for that.

I believe that we need to continuosly learn and grow...if you stop the growing process...then that's are just like one of those that comes in to work at 9am and clock out at 5pm doing the same thing over and over short.."deadman walking"

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!:)

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