You can never go wrong with having "Good Intention" "Honesty" and "Compassion"

We all have seen all the advice/tips that we all shared here on how to become a successful recruiter and they are all awesome tips for sure:)

One thing though that I would like to add, base on my 4 years in recruiting plus 3 years working in customer service and Team Lead (leading 20 people under my care and management)- I would like to add how having the best intention for everyone you deal with definitely takes that relationship to a level that which is- stronger.

Honesty as what they say is definitely the best policy- I believe people do embrace you more when you are for real and genuine and is not afraid to be open and honest and give them information that is the truth. People do welcome you more when you are honest about certain things that you can and cannot do.

Especially in the world of recruiting- candidates do appreciate you more if you give them all the right information rather than sugar coat everything just so you can get the candidate to commit to you. This is not a smart move at all- I have seen people who have tried to present the rate and benefits so attractive- sometimes, to some extent, even lie about some information just so they could make a placement- obviously, people are not stupid, they find out either before the start date of the project or even after a couple of days being on project... the thing is, they find out and they back out and leave- so not only you disappointed the client, but at the same time- you loose that candidate and the bad news is that- they do tell their friends and so you also loose some more future candidates.

Compassion- people do notice and feel your sincerity and personally- I do like to work with people, colleagues, manager's, my car salesman, my hair stylist, my teacher who does show me that they care about me- and not only for the sole purpose of making money. You will be surprised how a lot of people do stay in the company for years because they are happy with how they are managing them- because they know that the company cares about them and their morale.

I have talked to a lot of people and one thing I always try to do is always imagine what if I am in that candidates shoes? recruiting someone from a different state and convince them to relocate is such a big move- so I do make sure that they know every single details so when they make a decision- they do know what is expected and no "bad" surprises.

As recruiters- we have a big responsibility as we are helping these candidates choose a job that will benefit them and their families- this is their livelihood and it is very important as recruiters that we become honest to them and care for them.

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Comment by Charles Haines on January 21, 2009 at 9:26am
Well said Jennifer. As a recruiter for the last 19 years, I can speak from experience that if you operate with honesty, integrity and compassion you occasionally will leave a “deal” on the table, however in the long-run you can sleep at night and you earn a reputation as someone people can trust.
Comment by Jennifer LaVigne on January 21, 2009 at 9:50am
Thanks Charles. I believe this one of the biggest and important responsibility we have- to lay all our cards and be real with the candidates and also to anyone whom we deal with on our everyday lives:) Like what you said...In the long run- you can sleep at night and earn a reputation as someone people can trust and that is the awesome part:) Have a good day!


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