Six Jobs You Can Score with Your Graphic Design Degree

Congratulations, you have gone through the years of education needed to snag your graphic design degree. Take a moment to be proud of your accomplishment. Even with everything done, you may not know what to do next, but there is a lot of work out there for someone with your skills. Here are six jobs you can try out with that fancy degree of yours.

Having a degree in graphic design means you can comprehend color theory, use multiple applications like Photoshop and Illustrator, and build web pages with finesse. With these particular skills, you can jump right into any advertising agency. In advertising there is never a dull moment. At places like
X Plane, graphic designers and their teams are the creative geniuses behind gaining more customers and overall profits for businesses. You want a job that is challenging and gets your creative juices flowing. A job where you have to communicate with images and colors, not just text. This position lets you think outside the box and catch people's attention. In the advertising world, your ideas need to pop and inspire. 


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Books are never going out of style. Even with the advent of e-readers, publishers still need a snappy design to make a book come to life. Work with authors to bring color and life to their vision. You will be the key to opening up the perfect book design.

If you want to reach a far wider audience with your degree, you may want to think about
working in television. Working for a studio, you will need to be attentive to schedules and deadlines. Here the pace is always fast, and the colors vibrant and alive. Some start here and go from a simple television studio to the big screen. Can you imagine yourself working with the masterminds that create movie trailers? It can happen with a degree in graphic design. 

Designing at Home
Maybe long hours are not something you are looking forward to, and you want more time at home with the family. With a degree in graphic design, you can start up your own business right at home utilizing all the skills you have learned. Working from home takes a lot of time to first build up a client base. At first, it will take long hours, but soon you will have the clients you need. Create brochures, business cards, and even book covers right from your home computer.

Off the Page
Not only independent comic books, but the big boys like Dark Horse and DC are always looking for color specialists. Use the knowledge you gained in school to break down comic graphics and get stories onto the page.

Video Design
Have the comic book pages inspired you to do something more with your gift? Why not mix what you love about the comic books, and blend it with a studio to create the next big gamers experience. With your degree, you might be able to land a job working on backgrounds of games, or even character development. You could use your tools in animation to launch the next PS4 blockbuster game. 

With a degree in graphic design, the sky really is the limit. There are so many opportunities you can choose from. Take the time now to decide which career path best suits your needs. Maybe you start in a publishing house where you spend your time creating stunning book covers, and then jump into the film industry. You are never tied down.

Six Jobs You Can Score with Your Graphic Design Degree

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