Small Business Big Lawsuit: How to Keep Your Employees Safe

Running a small business requires taking on a lot or risk. When you hire a new person to a team you are taking the risk upon your company. There is the risk that your competition could steal your customers. There is the risk that the economy could take a sudden downturn. There is the risk that your employees may not perform up to your expectations. However, certain risks could pretty much destroy your business overnight. This can certainly happen if you end up on the end of a lawsuit. Below are some tips to prevent such lawsuits by keeping your workplace safe.

Train Employees on Safety

If you want to keep your workplace safe, employees are going to have to know what to do to maintain safety in the workplace at all times. This requires extensive training. If you don’t train employees on safety procedures, you could weaken your defense if a lawsuit ever does occur.

This is important in the hiring process. If someone is going to be starting a new skillset they should have extra training. Make sure you go through training certifications that are on a potential hire’s resume. Ask them if any licenses need to be renewed. Make sure HR has a copy of when they should verify renewal of any food safety licenses, special vehicle licenses, or professional licenses. Even attorneys, real estate loan officers, and other white collar jobs need constant education and renewals. Make sure everyone is up to date.

Conform to OSHA Standards

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This is the government agency that sets the rules and regulations for workplace safety. If you want to avoid workplace injuries and any lawsuits that stem from those accidents, upholding OSHA standards in your workplace can protect you.

Perform Your Own Safety Audits

Many problems that developed into serious workplace hazards that later manifested into lawsuits went undetected for days, weeks, months or even years in different workplaces. If you want to protect your company, you need to take preventive measures. This should include performing routine safety audits so you can remove hazards as they develop.

Keep Extensive Records

Record keeping is something else that can help protect you in court from a lawsuit. Make sure to create and store records regarding every safety incident and accident in your workplace. Also keep records regarding the safety audits and safety checks you perform. Being exhaustive with your record keeping can improve your chances of surviving a lawsuit.

Obtain Business Insurance

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a lawsuit may still develop due to a coincidental confluence of events. This is why having business insurance is so important. Insurance can change from state to state, so say you’re based in Orange County you should search for business insurance in CA to get a good match.  Liability coverage under a business insurance plan can help ensure that such a lawsuit does not wipe out your company completely. You’ll have the money to survive if you do get sued.

Small businesses face risks every single day. However, some of the biggest dangers are ones that are completely unforeseen. This can certainly be the case with a lawsuit against your company. Prepare yourself for this possibility by taking the steps above to protect your business.

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