Starting a Recruitment Agency: It All Starts With Attracting The Best Recruiters

Starting a recruitment agency, looking in from the outside, can seem like a simple thing: the staff sit at their desks and answer emails all day from interested people - smiles are exchanged, and daily working life is easy. Quickly and easily, the recruiters simply and efficiently match the right people with the right jobs, and the hardest thing they ever have to do is answer the phone. Sounds like an easy life, right?

Wrong. Starting a Recruitment Agency is a gamble in any economy, and something which can throw up more paperwork and HR headaches than you could ever feasibly imagine.

Fortunately, though, it's easy to cut down on some of the hassles and create an atmosphere that enables everyone to flourish. So once you've got the finances sorted and the office is ready, making sure you have only the best recruiters is something which should be of paramount importance, don't you think?

The first thing you need to consider when starting a Recruitment Agency is costs; in an ideal world, you'd be hiring the best recruiters in the area - individuals who have years of experience and know the industry inside-out. Yet here comes the first stumbling block...with a smaller budget than most companies and a weaker public profile, this option is virtually impossible and something you'd do well to dismiss and accept early on. The best you could hope to do is attract someone who is doing it for the love of the job, and while that sounds possible, it could leave you wondering what else they are expecting from getting this under-paid role that they are over-qualified for.

This leaves only one realistic option: employ recruiters who are good enough at their job to represent your new company well, and accept that they will need training. This might sound like a hassle, but the benefit is that you get recruiters who you can shape with your own ideas, and employees who may be more open to suggestions and feedback.

Another obvious reason why you need the best recruiters possible for your money is this: you want people to come in the door unemployed and leave employed and happy. Even more importantly, you want those people to talk about your Recruitment Agency down the pub or when out at parties. In the beginning you won't have much in the way of money for advertising, but that doesn't matter as much when you have great word-of-mouth and a growing reputation as a business which really cares about what it does.

The last reason why you only want the best recruiters is simple, and it applies to all Recruitment Agencies: low staff moral is a very bad thing, and it can literally finish a company before it's even started. It begins with one disillusioned staff member and spreads alarmingly quickly - within just a few weeks 3 or 4 people might be leaving, and once that happens in a small company it can very easily be the kiss of death which all Recruitment Agencies fear.

The conclusion: by employing the best and most suitable recruiters to work in your team, you're ensuring that there are no weak links, and securing a future as well as you possibly can. Now, doesn't that sound like good business sense?

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From Nicky Coffin- Rapid Results For Recruitment Agencies an Expert on starting a recruitment agency For Rapid Results For Recruitment Agencies visit our Centred Excellence website.

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