Startups Are Struggling to Hire Sales Leaders and Diverse Talent

When you are hiring for startup it is actually a very crucial task. Your ability to hire the best workforce can determine the success of the startup. But trust me it is not an easy task – good potential employees will be reluctant to join your organisation. There are genuine reasons for that and some of them are listed below:

  • The company is not established yet.
  • The fear of not getting paid.
  • Startups typically fail.
  • Employees may have to work really hard.
  • Everything can change quickly.
  • It’s chaotic.

With so many reasons already working against you hiring sales leader and diverse talent can be really a difficult task. Below mentioned are some insights you should know if you are a start up and are planning to hire a good team:

Recruitment and hiring

In spite of the hiring good people being the biggest concern – still most of the times leaders don’t invest much time and effort in the hiring process. They do take this for granted. Company culture is another issue that start ups face- issues like work life balance are concerns and this is such a big reason that good people don’t want to join startups.

Hiring is an integral part of any organisation and it is really very important to pay attention to it- with a good team your organisation can succeed. Paying attention on the company culture and hiring people according to that can help in a great way.

Hiring and firing has been their biggest mistake

Timing is everything— as per studies and researches startup founders have agreed , poorly timed hiring and firing has been the biggest mistake they’ve made in growing their business.

One bad person can spread negativity and effect the entire team and the environment. Don’t waste time in terminating the bad fish from your organization. The moment you realize that the person is not a good fit rather than procrastinating the decision take the right step – Fire.

When you hire in hurry you might compromise on the quality and that may lead you to regret later. The rule of hiring first and sorting later may lead to quite a hassle later. So take your time to choose the best resource available for your open positions.

Diversity and unconscious biasness: Diversity is a big challenge and there needs to a conscious effort to bring the difference.

The unconscious biasness of hiring “like me” profiles may lead to an organisation which doesn’t have the capacity to question. It is important to hire a diverse talent to have different opinion and the way of looking at things. Without a diverse talent there would be no space for innovation. startups have some plan to promote diversity and inclusion to have a innovative workforce.

Recruiting Softwares can help to a great extend here as they cannot have conscious or un conscious biasness as they rely on data. They help you hire with less subjectivity and more productivity.

Keeping the above points can actually to hire a good workforce to a great extent.

Happy Hiring!


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