Talk It Out: How to Ace Your Phone Interview

Landing an interview for your dream job is certainly a big deal and something to be proud of, but the process only really begins there. In order for you to actually get the job you are interested in, you will need to have to successfully make it through a company's interview process. Many companies today, in order to make the interview process more streamlined and convenient, will conduct initial interviews with potential hires over the phone. Outlined below are several useful tips on how to ace your phone interview and get the job you've been dreaming about.

Do Some Research

Setting aside some time to research general information about the company you are interviewing for, or even about the person in charge of hiring you personally, is always a great idea before an interview. Being aware of a company's main products and services, marketing practices, corporate structure and history, just to name a few things, will give you a leg up once the questions start coming your way. All of this information will provide a detailed context within which you can craft your answers to questions you may face in the interview.

Take Notes During The Interview

Before you get on the phone for your interview, make sure that you have some paper and a pen or pencil within reach. This will allow you to take notes and record your observations during the interview, which will help when the time comes for you to ask your potential employer questions about the position. Keep in mind that your interviewers will also be taking notes, possibly with the aid of technology like transcription equipment from, so they can review your interview later. Remembering this will help you choose your words deliberately—after all, you want to give your prospective employer the best impression.

Take The Interview Seriously

Just because an interview is taking place over the phone does not mean that it should not be taken as seriously as a more formal in-person interview. Ensure that there will be nothing happening around you to distract you from your interview once it is underway. Make sure to also get plenty of rest the night before your interview. Many interview experts even recommend that those taking part in phone interviews actually dress as if they were going into a corporate office setting, as it can help interviewees to feel confident and maintain a professional manner throughout an interview.

Speak Clearly And Concisely

The clarity of your voice during an interview could be affected by the fact that it is taking place over the phone, so make sure that you speak as clearly as you can. You can do this by being mindful of pronunciation and speaking at a reasonable speed. This will prevent any time consuming and embarrassing occasions during which either you or the interviewer will have to repeat things you have already said. In addition to this, also keep in mind that long, rambling responses rarely work well in interviews. Always keep your thoughts clear and to the point.

As long as you keep these basic things in mind as you head into a phone interview, you will have the best chance possible of landing the job and excelling in a new, fulfilling career.

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