The 5 Biggest Mistakes that Entry-Level Job Seekers Make

Coaching of entry-level job seekers is extremely important to improve the rate of youth employment. From having the right attitude to the right resume, many entry-level employees make grave errors. Recruiters often complain of interviewers coming in with gums in their mouth to applicants whose calls go dead in the middle of interview briefings. Unfortunately, the result of such reckless and unprofessional behaviour is vocational isolation. No recruiter wants to waste their time on unprofessional candidates. Take a moment to read more on the blunders that entry-level employees make when going for potential employment.

1. Attitude of Entitlement

Many entry-level job seekers come in with the perspective of the president of the United States. What they fail to understand is that entry-level employment is just a small step in your career success. The first initial jobs in your life are not going to be lucrative or enjoyable. At this crucial point in your life, it is essential to take a step back and reevaluate the options. Being egotistical and entitled to the meagre job opportunities will get you nowhere. It’s important to take a first small step, albeit mediocre to enhance future career growth.

2. No “Pay, no Gain” Attitude

There are also entry-level employees who pitch their salary expectations too high. This behavior is not only seen as unrealistic but also bratty and spoiled. Entry-level employment is not going to come with a hefty salary. Part of the reason for that is because recruiters don’t expect fresh applicants to come equipped with a lot of skills. Lack of competent skill set automatically means a lower salary. Once you gain enough experience and the required skills, then one can enhance avenues for future growth.

3. Starting Too Late

There are many students who start the process of building a better resume too late. Many students don’t look for significant internships in their senior year summers. By the time they graduate, they have not managed to build up a meaningful portfolio. In addition, many students also don’t take the opportunity of part-time jobs while studying. It will put you on the roadmap for better employment right after college.

4. Doing Poor Research

Many candidates do not do prior research on the company before going out for the interview. They don’t read the relevant Twitter handles, blogs, websites and Facebook pages beforehand. The result is the unveiling of ignorance when the recruiter asks you the fatal question “What do you know about the company?”

5. Too Little Too Late

Another crucial mistake that fresh graduates make is utilizing only a handful of opportunities to bag a job. If you want the best option, then not only would you have to scour through the job listings and job fairs, but you must also find connections and references of known employees who have a relationship to the recruiter to get you to the entry point.

It’s a difficult feat to lay your claim in the job market. Perseverance and active research are going to lead you in the right direction.

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