The Best Career Prospects for the Next Decade

Few decisions are as important as choosing a career. It's challenging to select a perfect job. Perhaps, you want a job that fits your personality, passion, and interests. You also want it to put food on the table and have plenty of openings over the next 10 years. Whether you're a college graduate, or an adult looking for a career change, you have to know the hottest trends in today’s job market.

To create the list, I used the following sources:

  1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that released a report on the Fastest Growing Occupations between 2014-24.
  2. Online resources that highlight career prospects according to educational levels.

So, here’s the list of the most promising jobs for the next decade.

Careers for Those with 2-Year Degree Programs/Vocational and Technical Training

Wind Turbine Technicians

With a whopping 108% projected growth and a $52,260 median salary, this profession is topping the list. Wind turbine systems are being deployed across the US to promote clean wind energy. Workers that are also known as windtechs specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing wind turbines.

Home Health Care and Aides

Home health aides (or personal care aides) help people who need assistance due to disabilities, chronic illnesses, cognitive or physical impairment. Their median salary is $22,600 per year. 38% projected employment growth is understandable. The largest demographic group in the US is heading for retirement.

Medical Technicians

For the reason mentioned above, the demand for lab assistants, medical equipment technicians, X-ray technicians and other relative jobs is expected to rise. An average salary for this occupation is $35,430 per year.


Paralegals have never been in higher demand. Law firms and lawyers are increasingly hiring them. The BLS anticipates over 16% growth for this job. If you don’t have the full credentials of a lawyer, but want to work in the law field, you can provide assistance to lawyers by choosing this occupation.

Careers for Those with Bachelor’s Degrees


In the present-day business world, the profession of interpreter/translator is important and indispensable. It is undergoing a record growth of 42%. Speakers of the Middle Eastern languages and Asian languages will be in high demand. Median salary is $43,300. So if you are studying languages now dreaming about the interpreter's career, pay attention to boring essay writing routine. Besides, working as an essay writer at can be a good job for a student too.

Software Developers

Although software developers are in demand, employment of applications developers has a higher projected employment rate: 19% versus 17% by 2024 for the systems software developers. But the average annual wage of the prior is $102,880, and $95,510. The BLS also predicts better prospects for those who will keep an eye on the latest programming innovations.

Computer Systems Analysts

Rapid technology development makes this job promising. The projected career growth is 22%, the average annual wage - $77,740.

Market Research Analysts/Marketing Specialists

Qualified individuals are in urgent need for these positions. An expected growth rate is 41%. For the average annual salary of $60,570, a market research analyst conducts research and gathers data to help a company market its product or service.

Biomedical Engineers

The medical industry is thriving. Biomedical engineers keep designing and developing medical systems, equipment, and devices. Job opportunities are anticipated to grow up to 69%. The median salary is $81,540.

Personal Financial Advisors

Population aging and the rise of life expectancies cause the increasing demand for newcomers to a financial planning profession. It is anticipated that this occupation will see the growth of 30%. Personal financial advisors help people manage their finances. They give advice on investments, insurance, loans, college savings, etc. Their median pay is $90,530.

Careers for Those with Master’s Degrees

Medical occupations are on top of the list of the hottest careers.

Occupational Therapy Assistants

Baby boomers live longer than any generation that's come before them. They want to stay active and are ready to pay for that. Occupational therapy is focused on helping patients to develop, recover, and adapt to their new physical restrictions. The median salary for this position is $59,010, a projected career growth – 40%.

Physical Therapy Assistants

PTAs work under the guidance of physical therapists. Their responsibilities are helping patients in treatment and rehabilitation. The job employment is predicted to grow by 40%. The median annual salary is $56,610.

Dental Hygienists

People of this profession clean teeth, look for dental diseases and give advice about preventing tooth decay. Their annual salary is $68,250. 38% more hygienists will work with dentists, according to the BLS.

Registered Nurse

The Practice registered nurses (APRNs) examine patients, prescribe medications, and keep medical records. With the median annual income of $107,460 and 31% projected employment growth, this profession is one of the most attractive ones for Master’s degree holders.

Physician and Surgeon

The need to replace the number of staff who will be retiring will boost this career growth up to 22%. The educational and internship requirements for taking up these jobs are high, as well as the payment of $166,400 per year.


People love their pets, and they are willing to pay up to maintain their health. The increasing demand for pet healthcare is giving a 36% boost of veterinary medicine careers. Average annual salary of $82,040 is also attractive.

Be careful about pursuing the perfect career path. Most people discover they love their job only after they've become a pro in that field or end up with a big boss and cushy workplace. Besides, every occupation may have pros and cons for you that are impalpable until you've entered the field. All you can do now is to focus on study. Carefully write your essays in order to become a better writer. After all, writing a winning resume is vital to getting your dream job.

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