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The US job market is the strongest it's been in years. The unemployment rate dips below 5%. But not every occupation is thriving. A few industries are trending up. Each graduate should consider these tendencies in order to choose the prospective job. We’ve compiled the list of trends and jobs that are going to get an employment growth over the decade (2016-2026).

1. Freelancing

Freelancers represent 35% of the US workforce. They are no longer a subculture. Independent workers are becoming the mainstream. It is anticipated that more people will be turning to freelance. The workforce is predicted to consist of 40% of the distant workers by 2020. Becoming one of them is a smart choice. Consider the following jobs.

  • Tutoring

Online education is on the rise, as well as a job of a distant teacher. More and more colleges and universities offer online degree programs, diplomas, certificates and certification courses. The demand for professors to provide virtual classes is growing. They will be hired by organizations and accredited high educational institutions that offer alternative accreditations and online degrees. Online teachers and tutors will also have promising job possibilities.

  • Writing

There will be great prospects for those who can write essays, magazine articles, blog posts, website content and other types of media. If you’re studying yet, perform all writing assignments. That will boost your skills. You will learn to make a research and collect relevant information and organize it into one logical and independent narration. These are valuable skills for copywriters, bloggers, and professional essay writers at trusted writing companies. The median annual pay for writers is $61,240.

  • Photographing

According to, jobs for photographers have grown by 22%. It seems like employers have finally understood the importance of quality images on their landing pages.

  • Video Editing

Video editing benefited from the same factor that caused the rise in photography jobs. The profession experienced 19% employment growth. Video editors satisfy the need sophisticated and appealing website designs.

2. Healthcare Trend

A large part of population hitting the senior citizens status and stronger interest in preventive care results in a rising demand for specialists in the medical field. To work in the medical sphere, you need a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or a Doctoral degree. Besides, having a license is obligatory. The fastest-growing and well-paid jobs for the next ten years are:

  • Nurse Practitioner with predicted job growth of 32% and a median year’s salary of $98,288
  • Registered nurses (RNs) with 17% expected job growth and an average salary of $67,418.
  • Physical Therapists that earn $83,501 per year are anticipated to see a 30% employment growth.
  • Physician Assistants with an average salary of $98,869 are expected to be increasingly hired; the projected occupation growth is 29%.
  • Occupational therapists with a median wage of $79,619 are projected to experience a job growth by 25%.
  • Dental Hygienists whose median annual income is $73,141 are projected to see 19% job growth.
  • Health Services Managers whose annual salary is $93,294 continues to be a popular career choice with a projected growth by 17%.
  • Speech-Language Pathologists have a median annual salary of $73,334 and the anticipated employment rise is 21%.

3. Technology growth

Bachelor’s degree program related to computers (computer science, software engineering, etc) is the first step to a career in the IT sphere. A master's degree will boost your chances to succeed in this competitive field. Beyond formal education, continue learning throughout your professional life. Follow the latest technical innovations. The hottest jobs in the tech industry are the next:

  • Application Development

It is an attractive profession with a median annual salary of $97,483. The growing use of smartphones, tablets, PC and other devices generated the demand for mobile applications. Projected job growth for app developers is 22%.

  • Systems software development

These workers don’t lag behind their app creators. Their median wage is $104,767, but the projected job growth is a bit lower - 16%.

  • Web Development

These specialists are also becoming more demanded on the tech market. This occupation growth is projected to rise by 26%. Web developers earn $60,385 per year.

  • Computer Systems Analysis

They have projected 22% job growth and a salary of $85,080.

  • Information Security Analysis

This job is expected to be in high demand, which will result in 20% employment growth. A wage of information security analysts is $70,059.

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers

They can boast with a high annual salary of $130,400 and a potential job growth of 18%.

4. Business Field Development

Advanced technologies allow companies to gather more information about their clients/customers and operations. The need for specialists who are able to make sense (and cash) of it all is growing. A bachelor's degree in economics, finance, accounting or a related area of study will prepare you for working in this high-powered field. The fastest-growing business jobs are:

  • Operations research analysts

Individuals who help firms increase their productivity, lower costs and raise income are valuable for business field. Their median annual wage is $78,666 and projected job growth - 28%.

  • Market Research Analysts

The responsibilities of market research analysts include helping businesses navigate a competitive commercial landscape by analyzing numbers and researching market conditions and customer behavior. They do it for $61,816 per year. Companies will employ these workers 21% more.

  • Personal Financial Advisors

These experts provide financial advice on investments, taxes, insurance and other money decisions. The number of jobs for personal financial advisors is predicted to grow by 24%.It is a result of the demographic shift. The aging population wants to know the best investment opportunities. The average salary for this occupation is $86,780.

Above is a list of the most fast-growing jobs for the next decade. But ranking methodology can change with time. So, the statistics should be just one of the reasons for choosing a particular job. It is very important to find a career that will match your skills, passions, and interests. Make the right choice! Good luck!

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