Turn Prospective Viewers into New Recruits with these Great Ideas

Ah, the ‘Work for Us’ page! Filled with potential, overflowing with creative opportunity and brimming with the chance to build your brand’s reputation…or is it? We are still often presented with mundane, uninspiring careers pages that provide just a list of their vacancies and a contact email. This just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. Companies need career pages that paint a picture of their working environment and job ads that scream opportunity, not just vacancy. It’s time to find out just how inventive you can be with your careers page…

Best Work for Us Pages

The best company career pages are creative, innovative and inspirational. They guide the candidate into imagining themselves at your company and give them a feel for who they’d be working with, your company’s culture and personality. This page has more power than you would expect. According to LinkedIn’s Hiring Statistics, 68% agreed that the most effective talent branding tool is a company’s website. It can determine whether or not a candidate (who may have the exact skills you’re looking for) decides to show an interest in your company.

Not only should you paint a picture of the working experience your business offers, but you should also ensure that you are tailoring this to the type of candidates you are appealing to. How? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here we will show you some of the best, most innovative ideas for your ‘Work for Us’ page and highlight some brilliant example web pages from worldwide companies. Remember, the running theme throughout all great careers pages is leaving the candidate wanting more. So, be bold. Be direct. Be enticing.




Square, an e-commerce tech company, paint the perfect picture of an idyllic ‘Googleesque’ contemporary working environment. Using a clear and concise careers page they draw prospective candidates to an alluring play button which guides viewers to a video all about working at Square – and what a great video it is! Watch it here.

The Best ‘Work for Us’ Pages


New Voice Media

New Voice Media is another great company who utilise the power of video marketing to give backstage insight into their business. However, as a top tip, we would recommend embedding any videos into your web page as opposed to moving candidates to another site to watch the video (you don’t want them getting distracted, keep them on your site!).

The Best ‘Work for Us’ Pages

Videos and pictures talk louder than words and these days it’s very hard to find words that aren’t being used by everyone else. So to really express your originality, try filming a professional video! Professional videography agencies can work with any budget and will showcase the best bits of your business professionally. However, if you want to give it a shot in-house, Forbes has some great tips on how to shoot a great video and how to transform your conference room into a professional studio!


Case Studies / Meet the Team



Skanska is a UK based construction company with some fantastic ideas for careers pages. They use images of their happy workforce to attract people looking to join an integrative, friendly team and use ‘Meet the team’ case studies to give candidates a sense of who they’d be working with.

This is a great way to introduce people to your company whilst making the business feel much more personable!



Google; the experts who need no introduction. After revolutionising the landing page by removing all other functions and distractions from their homepage and stripping it down to just one simple search bar, they became the masters of user-friendliness.

Their careers page follows suit and gives the candidate the ability to search careers by what is important to them; Teams, Roles, Location, Internships etc.

The Best ‘Work for Us’ Pages

Images and videos illustrate Google’s dedication to team work whilst referring to their employees as ‘Googlers’ creates a sense of exclusivity which appeals to young, intelligent people looking to be a part of such a colourful working environment.



Bonobos, a New York based Fashion Company, take advantage of the fact that black and white career pages filled with business jargon are the concept of a bygone era. Using humour, puns and colloquialisms they convey their workplace as fun and inviting and give the candidate an instant flavour for their working environment.

The Best ‘Work for Us’ Pages

Many other companies have loved this idea and tailored it to their own company…

The Best ‘Work for Us’ Pages

Welcome Unique Markets


Skanska makes a real effort to welcome men and women returning to work and introducing ex-armed forces into their organisation. Having pages like this that show you are dedicated to helping people back into the workplace or change career, demonstrate that you care. Candidates value this so it’s a great way of making your company more approachable and appealing to a wider market.

The Best ‘Work for Us’ Pages

My Top Tips…

Be Direct

‘You’ is the most powerful word in the English language; by directing your career page at the individual as well as showing the perks of your company, you will instantly grab candidates’ attention. Opening a careers page that immediately asks for you, and seemingly – you alone, psychologically makes the candidate feel in demand.


  • Do you have at least 1 video on your website conveying your working environment?
  • Do you have photos of your team showing the fun side and culture of your company?
  • Have you tried including some case studies and testimonials to give credibility to your brand and a voice to your employees?
  • Avoid using stereotypical jargon, change it up a little and speak to your candidates on your webpage as you would in person.
  • Are you guiding people to act after reading your page? E.g. ‘Send your CV to ‘hr@company.co.uk’.
  • Is it easy for candidates to navigate to your job ads?

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Comment by Keith D. Halperin on September 22, 2017 at 9:35pm

If P.T Barnum were alive today, I think his alleged comment (no proof he actually did say it): "

"There's a sucker born every minute." would apply to those who believe what's on most corporate websites.


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