The Best Kept Secrets About Sourcing: “What the Pros Know”

Sourcing is a primary regulation of a talent acquisition. Sourcing the right candidate can be a grinding task. Imagine you’ve been asked to find the next CEO of a Silicon Valley startup. What would you do? Where will you start to find the perfect candidate? Most of the recruiters would agree that it’s not easy as you have to find the best-fit candidate for the job who fits the job position in terms of education, expertise, skills and candidate who is a culture fit. Then you need to convince him to leave his existing firm for your company. You also have to do salary negotiations, background checks and much more(depends on the company rules). In the recruitment world, the successful recruiting begins with building a talent pipeline. Here are some tips that will help you source many potential candidates for your open position-

1. Start With Scanning Your Own Database-

Many recruiters make a mistake of not looking into their own company database when they have a job vacancy. Before starting any candidate hunting, search your own database first as those candidates are interested in working with you. Even if you have thousands of resumes in your database and you are thinking how to find the potential resumes from them? The technology has evolved from nothing to everything you can take the help of recruitment software such as instaTalent. This online recruitment software can recommend you best-fit candidates for the job position from your own private database. Look up into your talent pipeline, you might find your perfect candidate there.

2. View The Full Search Results-

If you are looking for a specific candidate with the specific set of skills then you have to extend your hunting zone. Start looking from last two pages rather than first two pages. Most of the recruiters are neglectful to dig deep into the search results. For example, if you are searching a candidate on LinkedIn view the full search results and not just the first two pages.

3. Expand Your Search From Keywords To Taxonomical Recommendations-

Most of the recruiters and talent scouts use the keyword search to find potential candidates. Many job boards use keywords to search candidates but what about the candidates who have a very little online presence? Use taxonomical searches to find candidates for your job position. The talent acquisition solution such as instaTalent uses taxonomy searches to recommend the best-fit candidate for your job position as per industry expectations. This will allow you to build up your talent pipeline.

4. Corporate Events-

Corporate events such as conferences or meetups have a hidden motto of networking. Finding the best talent isn’t easy you need to expand your vision about possibilities. Corporate events are one of the best places to find the talent. In events, you can find the passive potential candidates that might be looking for another job opportunity. In events, you can observe the candidate, his way of speaking and how well he connect with others.

5. Online Sourcing-

According to recent SHRM report recruiting via social media is proving more effective for multiple positions. Here’s report –

6. Tools To Source Talent-

Every recruiter can’t neglect the importance of talent acquisition software. These applications do your work for you. These online hiring tools show you candidates related to your search. For example on 3 sourcing if your search java developer it’ll show you working java developers of specified area. There are many tools to find talent online one of them is instaTalent employee hiring solution. It is an intelligent recruitment software that recommends you the best-fit talent. instaTalent not only recommend you the best-fit candidate but the perfect candidate for your available job position. With this recruitment software, you can even find candidates who are culture-fit for your organization. All you have to do is provide your job description andinstaTalent will recommend you the best-fit candidates for your provided job opening.

7. Treat Them Like Special Snowflakes They Are-

While writing an email to a prospect candidate, write a personalized mail that focuses on them and not your requirement.Talk to them about their achievements. A most common mistake of the recruiters while writing an email to prospects is making it too long to read. Keep it short and similar to prospect’s interest, as it will encourage the candidate to respond and find out more. Keep the goal of email to getting them talk to you and not selling your job position.

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