The Big Bang Theory of Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is the latest buzzword amongst recruiters. The user base of any social network is unquestionable.  Companies have started to utilize the power of social recruiting, but are still missing the tricks to make it most efficient.

I am a big fan of The Big Bang Theory - the TV series being telecasted on CBS. Here each character has a special trait which leads them to make some meaning out of their lives. Why not recruiters should try to put themselves in the shoes of any of these characters and analyse how social recruiting can be made 100% efficient for hiring in the company.

1. Be Calculative like Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon possesses an IQ of 187. His analytical ability is the best to scrutinize and evaluate what exactly recruiters can do on social media. LinkedIn is handy to search and contact candidates and analyse their professional career. Facebook & Twitter are majorly used for company branding and popularity to attract candidates. Recruiters can explore more about the interests and hobbies of the candidates. These are also helpful in making out referral for any candidate post interview.

2. Be Social Friendly like Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard is adept in building interpersonal and social relationships with others. And he has been successful as well. Stepping into his shoes, recruiters should not hesitate connecting with candidates and increase their connections. Such practices will keep you updates about their industry related posts, skill sets, cultural fit, their followed groups and posts. The length of their professional experience can also give you an idea, if they are looking for a change.

3. Be aspiring like Penny

Penny is the most aspiring character of all. She is smart to analyse the things, and knows how to make her way out to be successful. To make recruiting successful, this is what recruiters should know. LinkedIn is being used by 94% of recruiters followed by Facebook and Twitter at 66% and 52% respectively. Google+, Blog feed and Youtube lies around 20% of usage. 73% of recruiters have already decided to increase their investment on social recruiting.

4. Don’t be a shy like Raj Koothrappali

Raj is a successful astrophysicist, but has always been shy in achieving one purpose of life - approaching a girl and talk to her. You could be the best recruiter by profession, but any hesitation towards using social recruiting can hamper your growth as a person in the company. Recruiters who have started to use social recruiting mentioned that Quality as well as Quantity of candidates improved by 44%, while time-to-hire decreased by 34%. On top of that effectiveness of employee referrals increased by 30% as well.

5. Be Patient like Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy is one such optimistic person who would wait till end, for Sheldon to accept her has his girlfriend. At times, social recruiting might test recruiters’ patience, in terms of not receiving adequate profiles, not able to reach relevant candidates or at times where to reach and how to connect. Best solution is to keep trying and experimenting on various social media networks. Utilize the network of company’s social account, as well as do not hesitate to reach on your personal accounts as well.

6. Travel to space like Howard Wolowitz

69% of recruiters expect hiring to become more competitive in the next 12 months. Then how are recruiters going to achieve their success in less time and with limited resources. Howard made it to space, which no other could in his team. It’s time for you to board your own space rocket. An online applicant tracking system can be your best bet here. Where you can connect any number of social media accounts and post jobs directly to these networks, without involving in manual efforts. Your connections can view the job details and can apply online.

7.Analyse results like Bernedette

Bernedette takes the decisions after close analysis of things happening around her. Her clever analytical thinking is what recruiters should bring on the table while scrutinizing the effectiveness of hiring done through social media recruiting. 73% of recruiters have successfully hired a candidate through social media. Can it be increased to 100%?

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