The conversation that never sleeps…

Social media is a conversation; it’s a number of platforms, a set of tools that enables conversation, engagement, transferal of thoughts, ideas and information…

It’s New York New York...the City that never sleeps

Its Old Man River…it just keeps rolling

It’s a neverending networking event!

So many times I hear ‘I’d like to try Twitter, give it a go, see what it’s all about, but I don’t have the time’ and I say ‘just dip in and join in the conversation…you can dip in and out, or you can stay around a bit longer, make some contacts, read some interesting stuff you won't see anywhere else'

I believe it changes the way we communicate, because there’s no end! If you phone someone - a client, a candidate, a contact - then there’s a beginning and an end to the call, and if you want to move forward you need to conclude with an action. You can’t just pick up the phone an hour later and say something else.

But with social media, there’s always a chance to pick up the conversation, anytime! Whatever you talk about, you’re engaging with people. As long as you’ve got something interesting, engaging, informative or just plain funny to say, then people won’t mind hearing from you.

There are very few HR professionals and recruiters from the UK on Twitter, which is a shame. I would love to be able to build an online rapport with them. I speak to many in the US and chat about all sorts of things. I have often asked them ‘if I was US based, then you could well be my client or my candidate – if that was the case, how would you feel about the conversations that we have?’

They usually tell me that it wouldn’t make any difference, that the business and personal can easily mix…this is who I am, take me or leave me. They feel the same about Facebook. In the UK though I think it’s a bit different, it’s more…

No Facebook Please, We’re British!

Will it change? I think it will, eventually!

So as this is my first post on UK Recruiting Blogs I’m going to throw down the challenge to everyone from the UK reading this who is not blogging, tweeting, contributing to groups on Linked In, or generally joining in the conversation…

Come on in, the water’s fine….!

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Comment by Nancy Ford on March 4, 2010 at 6:02pm
Hey there, I thought that facebook was pretty U.S.-centric until I moved to NZ. Aussies and kiwis are all over it!! It'll catch on. In the meantime, keep the faith and keep on blogging. :)
Comment by Mervyn Dinnen on March 5, 2010 at 2:37am
Thanks Nancy! Don't get me wrong, it's very popular in the UK for social interaction, but there seems a complete reticence to use it for an kind of business contact. We're clearly too reserved, separating the personal and the business...I'm sure it will change!
Comment by Alasdair Murray on March 5, 2010 at 6:13am
I'm not sure I agree that it is being too reserved to separate the two. I use three. Twitter for business self-promotion, Linkedin as a sort of online CV and flag for people in my area of activity and facebook purely for family and friends. Just as I wouldn't talk business down the pub to my daughter, equally I wouldn't bore business connections with the minutiae of my life, well maybe occasionally, but not too often or they would be hitting the unfollow button before you could say "I'm washing my hair tonight".

I agree that there seems a reluctance amongst many to try Twitter as the perception is that it is just a place where celebs brag and nobodies talk about what they are doing at the weekend, but once I tell them about how it has done wonders for my copywriting business in a few short months they start to listen, but it will be a slow process convincing everyone that social media is where it;s at, which is why I think those sounding the death knoll of the job board will have a good few years to wait yet. Old habits die hard.


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