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Past Performance is Relative

A week into my social job hunt and I’m having some interesting conversations.

The online community has been awesome, giving me some great exposure and alerting me to opportunities. So far the lack of a physical CV has not hindered me, but I accept that it is early days. I won’t write too much about what is happening so far, except to say that my new style blog has attracted many views and some interest. The ‘Watch Me Being Interviewed’ page has been particularly useful for anyone…


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Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills

It’s not a new saying, but whenever it’s used now everyone instantly agrees, it should be a resourcing mantra, particularly in tougher times.

As recruiters we spend most of our time looking for people with a skillset, with a historical CV that ticks the boxes that clients want.

It’s changing.

Job description tick lists are no good, because you will rarely find the people who tick every box, and if you do there is no guarantee that they will succeed.



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The Need for Speed

‘I feel the need…the need for speed’ (Tom Cruise, Top Gun 1986)

Whatever artistic merits ‘Top Gun’ may possess, there is little doubt that it remains an iconic 80s movie, with a number of quotable lines, not least the one above. With the ‘greed is good’ business decade well and truly in full swing by 1986 there was little doubt that speed was intoxicating. Everything needed to go faster, to happen quicker, from the time it took your car to accelerate to the length of wait for… Continue

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Think Before You Tweet

It had to happen one day.

It’s probably happened before and I’m sure this sorry story will be repeated many times in different forms until recruiters finally understand the power of social media, and it’s use for informing and engaging not just name gathering.

This week it happened to a recruiter I know…

The Scene:

Candidate has an interview for an interim role with Company XXX. The interview goes well, and candidate is asked if they have any… Continue

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Is Your Recruitment Partner Damaging Your Bottom Line??

I was interested to see reports of a survey last week showing that poor treatment of failed job applicants can damage a consumer brand and seriously affect the bottom line. It’s something that I hear candidates talk about and am always amazed at the number of…


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Recruiters With Better Things To Do...Than Visit Clients!

With all the pressures facing the recruitment industry at the moment, from the reduced levels of hiring over the last couple of years to skill shortages and the increased threat of direct sourcing posed by social recruiting, you would have thought that any recruiter worth their salt would be doing everything they could to maximise every opportunity.

Which is what makes this story so baffling...

Couple of weeks ago a client invited me in for a briefing. I wasn’t the only… Continue

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Race For The Prize? What's Your Hiring Process?

What does your hiring process say about your company?

We talk about culture, employer brands and employee brands...we talk about social recruiting, attraction strategies, talent

pipelines and puddles...but what of the process in between?

You can find the talent and onboard the talent but in between you have the hiring process’s often said ‘you can tell a lot about a…


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Recruiters vs HR...It's Tom & Jerry Time!!!

Recruiters vs’s as old as, well...the recruitment industry! Like cats and dogs, Tom & Jerry, there seems to be, in the UK certainly, this automatic default position of mistrust.

It’s reared its head again, with blogs appearing, including Bill Boorman’s guest post on Punk Rock HR, and no doubt discussions will be had at HRevolution.

Well I’ll let you in to a’s always been like this!… Continue

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In Every Dream Job...A Heartache?

“Such a shame, it’s my absolute dream job but I just don’t feel that I can stay”

How often do recruiters hear that?

A candidate said that to me last week. In this case, her problem was her boss...try as she might she found it impossible to have a harmonious working relationship and efforts to work through this had failed. She wants the bits of the jobs that she enjoys – challenge, responsibility, flexibility – but in another environment.

She’s not the first,… Continue

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Generation R...a case of over-promotion?

The word ‘Generation’ followed by a single letter must strike fear into the hearts of most readers. We’ve probably had our fill of analysing and debating the word when suffixed with X or Y, or prefixed with i...hell, I even blogged ‘Still Got Those talking Gen Y Blues’ at TruLondon!

Generation R is new though, and different. Whilst the more well known generational classifications usually define age groups by their cultural, socio-economic and parental influences, and are often… Continue

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Simply The Best?...What Makes a Great Recruiter

Years ago I worked in sales recruitment. Every Friday we finished at 5pm and then sat in a circle and took it in turns to review our week. We gave ourselves a score out of 10 and then we each voted for our ‘Consultant of the Week’. Inevitably the most votes always went to the consultant who had made the most fees. Very occasionally the group would recognise the closing of a particularly difficult assignment, or the winning of a retainer against the odds, but those occasions were rare.…


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Who Wants To Join a Winning Team?

When leading talent looks for something new, what challenges do they look for?

Here’s a current story from sport that interests me (not just because I support the team he plays for!) and illustrates the dilemma.

Aside from the World Cup, followers of UK Football will no doubt be treated to another summer of speculation from the sporting media over, amongst other things, whether or not the footballer Cesc Fabregas will leave London and return to Spain.

Quick… Continue

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Imagine No Recruiters...I Wonder If You Can?

Every day I go over Putney Bridge on my way to work. This may seem like minutiae of my daily commute in South West London but this weekend Putney Bridge becomes the focus for millions of people all over the world. The reason?’s the starting point for the University Boat Race, and has been for 154 years.

Now you may think that two teams of amateur rowers from the UKs top 2 universities battling it out for 20 minutes over 4 ¼ miles is hardly a reason for so many people to be… Continue

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It’s a Selection Rejection Thing

“I nearly bought one of their products a few weeks ago. I’m glad I didn’t. Won’t be considering buying one again”

So said a candidate to me last week about a company whose brand extends into the High Street. Did he have a bad experience? Bad customer service? Was he let down by faulty workmanship?

Kind of..

He was a rejected candidate...he’d applied for a senior role, had 5 interviews including meeting most of the operating Board, giving a… Continue

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They Shoot Recruiters, Don't They?

A question for corporate recruiters and hiring managers...if a contingent hire goes wrong, which of these is likely to be at fault:…


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This Is Why You Should Hire Me! - is your CV a Sales Document?

No get No getting away from it, your CV is a sales document. Instead of typing the words ‘Curriculum Vitae’ or ‘CV’ at the top, put in ‘Why You Should Hire Me...’ and see how you write it. There’s little point just creating a list of duties or responsibilities; you will not get hired solely because of what you have done, but more because of what you have achieved within those…


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The conversation that never sleeps…

Social media is a conversation; it’s a number of platforms, a set of tools that enables conversation, engagement, transferal of thoughts, ideas and information……


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Generation Bowie – the original flexible workforce?

“Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it” (George Orwell)

“Talking ’bout my generation” (Pete Townsend, 1964)

‘Trying to forget your generation/I say your generation don’t mean a thing to me’ (Billy Idol, 1977)

I’m reading a lot of blogs lately concerning generational demographics, particularly looking at how the attitudes of…


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5 Guiding Principles for a Modern Recruitment Business

I love working as part of the Stopgap Group, not least because it’s a values driven business that places the welfare of its people and the quality of service given to clients and candidates at the very top of its priorities. Consultants have always been rewarded on feedback – since the day the business was launched 17 years ago – and we always look for consultants with who have compassion, a real interest in people and a…


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