Over the years I have found it isn't really novice recruiter versus experienced recruiters some of the experienced are the worst. I think it is a matter of recruiters whether 3rd party or corporate having a natural curiosity and constant yearning to learn and get it right. That in my opinion is something that should be evaluated when hiring anybody in the recruitment field.

As hiring managers building our recruitment teams (especially those of us in a corporate environment) many of us find comfort in the recruiter with a nice long history in the recruitment game and will 9 times out of 10 gravitate towards that applicant. Often times though this candidate may not be the most curious and yearning to learn and please and ultimately curiosity is what makes a great recruiter.

I am not writing this article to tell you to hire all green recruiters because I see true validity in seeking those experienced and knowledgeable in their craft. I myself have been recruiting for some time but I still come to work every day to learn and probe further to make sure I am finding the best talent and the best solutions to my hiring manager’s needs. Nobody taught me that; it comes from within.

So the next time you are adding to your recruitment team I urge you to not ask “What has this recruiter done?” but rather “Is this a curious recruiter?” I think you will find much more value in hiring the latter.