IT, VB.Net, HR, AP, c++,IP, ID, iOS, CIO, SAP, C#, ASP.Net….oh, my!

 Years ago I worked in HR for a world-renowned IT company. This company was known for acronym’s – starting with its name - so it’s surprising our division was called Personnel rather than HR. But of course talent back then referred to a job applicant and an iPhone just meant “I” was the proud owner of a telephone, albeit a landline.

 Personnel ran the gamut of responsibilities from recruiting, to salary management, to policies and procedures to benefits to confidential employee files, to….well, you get the idea. Included with those usual suspects, Personnel was a place people came to vent. It made sense because Personnel employees seem to be innately nurturing and with the level of confidentiality assigned, many felt a safe harbor. I sometimes wanted to hang a sign like Lucy charging Charlie Brown $.05 for advice. But I loved it and although I am no longer part of this esteemed career choice, I hold out immense respect for those who are.

 As the years wore on, along with everything else, Personnel became Human Resources became HR. Becoming an acronym may have shortened the name but with it came a longer list of responsibilities. To be in HR requires a host of expertise in a wide range of areas. Let’s consider recruiting top level talent.

 There was a day when we could simply peruse the many resumes that came in the mail on a daily basis. That changed when the urgency of honing in on very specific skill levels became a priority. Look at IT for an example, which has become increasingly challenging to source, recruit, interview and on-board in-house. Many HR departments are either exclusively utilizing outside staffing agencies or a combined partnership of in-house and outsourcing. Choosing to partner with a staffing agency has proven to significantly lighten at least one area of HR; and if you partner with one such as MY HR, the value is increased because MY HR provides the on-boarding tools and payroll services for an even greater savings.

 Maybe it’s because I have a place in my heart for my former seat in HR but I have always thought and continue to think HR does not consistently get its just rewards.  Working for a staffing agency and seeing the service we provide is a huge asset to my fellow HR’ers and that makes me feel good about what I do.

 HR is more than an acronym. It consists of some of the hardest working and least recognized professionals on the planet. Remember you may be a Charlie Brown someday in need of a Lucy and that will be worth more than nickel. 

This information is brought to you courtesy of MY HR Supplier, your talent provider.   888-606-MYHR. Please visit/follow/like us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

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