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What's in Your Backyard?

Wasn’t it Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who said something about not looking beyond your own backyard to find what you need? I believe she had a point.

 Your best business ambassadors may just be your own employees. If you have built a nurturing environment and created an atmosphere that breeds loyalty, you probably have the best promoters of your company right in front of you. After all, who among us doesn’t love to brag?

 I was at a wedding a few weeks ago when someone asked…


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The Overlooked Acronym

IT, VB.Net, HR, AP, c++,IP, ID, iOS, CIO, SAP, C#, ASP.Net….oh, my!

 Years ago I worked in HR for a world-renowned IT company. This company was known for acronym’s – starting with its name - so it’s surprising our division was called Personnel rather than HR. But of course talent back then referred to a job applicant and an iPhone just meant “I” was the proud owner of a telephone, albeit a landline.

 Personnel ran the gamut of responsibilities from recruiting, to salary…


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The Nobleness of Science & Technology

According to recent statistics, the number of bachelor's degrees earned by computer science majors from Ph.D. awarding U.S. universities has increased by nearly 20% in 2012 compared to 2011. This marked the third year in a row that we’ve seen the double-digit increase.

 Who cares? We should all care and be infinitely happy that younger generations are realizing that not only is a degree relating to science and technology a lucrative career move, but it can almost be seen as a leap…


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Look Back to Move Ahead

Whether you are looking for a job, a promotion, revitalizing your business or even meandering through life’s daily minutiae; sometimes it’s good to take a look back in order to move forward.

 Let’s take searching for a job as an example. It is a daunting task in any economy because the search is seriously based on emotion. This is where the help of a consultant, a recruiter or anyone familiar with career counseling can make a big difference. As humans, most of us have a myriad of…


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Isn’t it amazing how the simple beauty of the sun shining can change our outlook? After a long difficult winter I understand the phrase “hope springs eternal.”

It isn’t only the appearance of the sun that has raised my spirits. I took a stroll through the local mall this weekend and was encouraged to see the numbers of shoppers carrying bags of just purchased goods. This weekend I received a call from a friend who sold her house last week at a profit.

In addition, the staffing…


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April Fool No More

Historically, this is the day to play practical jokes and truth be told, I’ve been known to be the catalyst of such pranks, albeit all quite innocent and in the name of good fun.

 April Fool’s Day is said to have been started by a simple case of a delayed communication. It seems that a new year was once celebrated in early April. However sometime in the 1500’s it was changed to January 1 by decree.

 Back in the day, with communication at literally a snail’s pace, it could take…


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IT and Motorcycles

Both are very loud - literally and figuratively. They can be driven by inspiration, ego or yearn for recognition. The mechanics of both may be complicated and only those dedicated to the early struggle, can appreciate the current boldness and the excitement of what the future may bring to the table.

I’ve never owned a Harley, but none of us can say the same for technology. I am a baby boomer and grew up on the cusp of the technology era when Programmers and Developers suffered the…


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Being in the staffing business comes with its perks. For example, there are moments we attain the status of a doctor or plumber and when at a party are asked for advice about a leaky pipe or other orifice. I actually had someone say yesterday “well, I hate to ask advice when I haven’t made an appointment….”

 Of course, that never stops anyone from asking anyway, does it? Truthfully, I don’t mind and even welcome discussing recruiting. It is a relevant topic and we usually all know…


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My Ex’s “Aha” Moment

 A few weeks ago my ex-husband called and asked for my help. He has a small business and has had a rash of turnovers in his now-open office assistant position.

He asked me how to find a good candidate with a guarantee they won’t leave in a year. I told him there are no guarantees in life and that, my friend, goes double when it comes to recruiting and keeping good employees.

I work for a professional staffing firm and the good news is that there are ample…


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The Job Interview and the Little White Lie

The Job Interview and the Little White Lie

 If you say you haven’t told one…that would be it right there.

 Little white lies are not necessarily a bad thing. In some situations, a little white lie could be humane. For example, let’s  say your best friend just spent every last penny of her savings on a non-returnable designer dress.  She asks you “isn’t this dress gorgeous?”  What would be the point in telling her the dress should have gone down with the…


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I believe the answer is…when it comes to IT jobs. 

IT changes so quickly, blink your eyes and a hundred new apps are developed. Hiccup and you may miss the latest software development.  In such an ever-evolving environment, doesn’t it make sense to keep the door open to IT hiring?

The intricacies of the world of global information technology are such that it is becoming increasing difficult to employ an IT department to satisfy changing needs. Education and…


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Aristotle Has The Power

“What lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do.” 

 Aristotle. Did they appreciate his wisdom back in his day?

 We all would do well to heed his sage advice in any day. In particular I call out to IT Managers as a reminder that you when you have a need – you also have the power. While finding good IT talent is tight and the demand great, you hold all the cards.

 But you must act. In that first moment when you receive a resume and it shows any promise at…


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Warehousing Job-Seekers

I was shopping at a wholesale warehouse this weekend and it got me to thinking about how the warehouse shopping mentality has grown exponentially in the past few years.

 And it’s a good thing. If you are aware of your prices going in, you stand to save some significant dollars. I have to remember to bring my focus along with my list as it is easy to lose concentration and give myself over to the massive goodies these places often hold.

 The same holds true for the search for…


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The Water Blogger

MY HR, a staffing firm which places many outstanding IT candidates, allows me to see resumes that resemble the who’s who of the world of IT. It is astounding to me the genius these brilliant minds possess and the credentials that makes up the world of IT. In light of these inspiring creators, I set forth a request to those who dabble in the application of creating new technology tools.

As a blogger, I often find my creative juices flowing at moments other than standard business times…


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We Believe

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all that was heard

Were Recruiters working swiftly

And spreading the word.


On clients, on HR, on employers and more

We can bring IT resumes flying through your door.


With a wink of an eye, and a click of a key

MY HR delivers candidates

Faster than a holiday shopping spree.


But today and tonight on this festive eve

My HR sends all our wishes and in Santa we…


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It Will Not Be About Business

Today is not about business. Today, more than any day before us, the message cannot be about business.

The people of MY HR are made up of parents first, professionals second. We are a busy staffing firm in CT not far from Newtown and we know all too painfully that today our message cannot be about business.

Today must be about 20 tiny souls and 6 selfless heroes. It must be about first responders who upon discovering unspeakable horror carried on saving and shielding survivors…


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The Tortoise and the Hare....the Sequel

The tortoise had a point. Where we racing to and what are are we leaving behind in our wake?

 Races should be to cure cancer, to end world hunger, to stop bullying, to finding world peace. A marathon should be for health and for charity. So why are we running so fast that most of us only have fumes left in our tanks? Is burning the midnight oil really so important unless it is for any of the above reasons?

 In a documentary called “Happy”, I…


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Oh, the North & South of it All


I live on your basic Main Street America (seriously, I live on Main Street). One lane is for cars going north and the other going south. Which brings me to a question – why when something is not going the way we want – we say “it’s going south?” What is wrong with going south and why are we so down it?

I digress. When I go for a walk, I always walk on “my” side of the street (the side on which my home is located). Today I decided I needed fresh air and new perspective and…


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Speak to me of forbearance. Seriously?


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The recent devastation from Sandy has brought a range of emotions from heartbreak and rage to deeds of heroism and extraordinary acts of kindness. As one of the most fortunate on the East Coast, my life went on relatively untouched by the storm; however I gained a great deal from observation.


What I saw amid the ruins were communities of people stripped of all non-essentials (and in many cases - essentials).  In these darkened days what has came to light is that we have…


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