The silent and slippery road from Recruiter to Ecruiter. - A Business Health warning.

Seems with all the technology today, I was wondering whether this much-maligned profession beset with a great deal of criticism and disrespect has taken a “time out.”


There is much that is good and not so good in what we read, and yet that is so with many professions.


It’s not the profession, per say, I would suggest, I do however challenge you to take a radical look at the folk who you attract. I mean really take a look!


I suggest a  “creative overhaul” of the profession to meet the dynamic and changing environment in which you operate, your talent needs to engage in the change.


Like any business when the market environment in which it operates changes, it is time to do a re-evaluation. I challenge this vital professional service to do the same. That way you will stop using technology as your crutch and turn it into a competitive advantage.


Whether you are an internal of external recruiter you are only as good as the “business needs “feel” you have.” - Understand what the organization really needs. Understand the “real underlying talent need.


So when you start using all the clever “gadgetry’ that is available to talent recruiters, and eliminating the “personal touch of speaking to people” or simply relying on a clever filtering system or “sexy” ATS system and other stuff, just remember we stop needing humans!!


We are on the slow road of simply automating the role of a recruiter. Lets just build a clever algorithm that filters the candidate’s skills.


We are not far off from the “Ecruiter” that robotic and clever computer “person” who will do it all.


So the challenge is that recruiters need the skill of finding the diamond in the coal. That’s a Human instinct not found on a piece of paper, or in a computer process.


It has never been about writing the clever resume it has always been about talent mining!


Let’s keep recruitment where it makes the difference and has the real impact – high touch relationships, and remember the need for “high touch people skills.”

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Comment by Peter Lanc on January 14, 2011 at 12:33pm

Thanks Jeff for sharing your experiences. I hope recruiters are reading this. I am so passionate about getting this process right that your “process of test and prove” is invaluable to understanding what works and what does not. Responding to candidates is a reflection of culture. (Another story). Ouch on the HR function reporting to CFO…


Keep the process of iterative and continual improvement of your processes up. You will win business as you have proven.


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