Stop framing us!!! Be Remarkable! Dare to be different. Kill the Resume.

Have you read Seth Gordon’s book- Linchpin? It’s a must read.


There was much that got my attention.


I like to think what makes my business and me different is ME!!  Off course duh!! Any business is about you and me!!


And yet much around us wants us to conform and look the same, because pieces of paper, like a resume, pretty much makes us that way!! Indeed much of business wants to frame us in mental models, stereotypes, or fit for hire etc. etc.


Our gifts are all different we are not the same.  Stop framing us!!!


So when Godin suggests nay “demands us all to be “remarkable” he makes some pretty compelling proposals.


Being remarkable means we have to stay with being different and using that emotional talent within us to be courageous and bring out the artist in each of us!!! We all have a picture of who we are and what we can really do.


Get rid of the resume – they are all “me too” and anyway recruiters will only use their clever recruitment algorithms to “weed you out.” Without even talking to you! Find a better way that expresses your gifts!


Resumes determine how clever you are in using the right words and catch phrases. They do not explain your “real living gifts and inner talents.”


Who needs a recruiter when all they do is go down their checklist – “looking for check offs” rather then difference.


Look for a company/recruiter who does not put you through a long-winded web based application process. Just think of the slogan “We actually talk to the people who want to be part of our team! “


This was a response from a recruiter that someone I know received! They had not even talked to each other! Oh my goodness what kind of organization wants to be known for this!


" I do not see a fit between your entrepreneurial, outside the box, innovative thinking and our current senior leadership."


Remember the book “Who moved my cheese?”


Remember the wedge of cheese, “What would you do if you were not scared?”


Well I am here to tell you applicants are becoming indifferent with recruiters!!!! They are at your mercy and you haven’t taken the time to know them. Is that what it is all about?  Is this the people business we are in?


We expect world-class talent to work with ordinary and routine and outdated processes. Yuk!!


Scaring applicants will undoubtedly mean that the best talent know better and will go else where - they do not need that kind of B.S.


Go on be different; If that is who you really are, then it only makes sense that you work with those organizations and with people who really inspire you and whom you inspire.


The future demands difference and the future is now! Stop writing and start talking to each other.


That future also demands developing new ways of working the talent!


Just saying!

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Comment by Paul Alfred on February 10, 2011 at 9:49pm
Interesting Post ... I think it takes a Recruiter with some experience under the belt to talk to a candidate after glancing at a resume provide some instructions on how to position themselves for a specific client - pick the phone up have a straight conversation with the decision maker set the interview up with the offer ready at the end ...    Employers need to make the shift ... Recruiters will adopt they can't be the initiators of change ( they can try )if Employers hold all the power ... Love the book who moved my cheese and Seth Gordon is a Genius ...
Comment by Peter Lanc on February 11, 2011 at 7:18am
Thanks Paul, The intent of my blog is to get radical and get current. Differentiate and be different. There are too many out there who simply have a process without intent and people feel it! Thanks for taking the time to comment.
Comment by pam claughton on February 11, 2011 at 8:33am
I think if you are known like Seth Godin is via his blog, then yes, you don't need a resume. Or via networking if people know of you and the great work you've done maybe a linkedin profile and recommendations are enough. I'm not sure. I have a candidate now  who refuses to provide an updated resume, says she hasn't needed one in years, that her linkedin profile and recommendations have gotten her last few jobs for her. We shall see if my client agrees.....
Comment by Peter Lanc on February 11, 2011 at 2:58pm
Thanks Pam, I agree with your sentiments. It is up to the candidate to show how they stand out. They still need to be accountable and "do the work" to prove who they are and what they can do. Thanks for commenting. Interesting how the candidates of today want to feel " special" don't we all though?


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